Karl Dean, eyeing run for governor, unapologetic about backing charter schools

The Associated Press’ Eric Schelzig reports on an interview with Karl Dean, former Nashville mayor, during his tour of the state to promote a new book and his potential run for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Dean says he’ll announce a decision on the campaign in the first quarter of 2017.


The coffee-table book written with Michael Cass is titled “Nashville: The South’s New Metropolis,” and features vignettes, profiles and photos recounting the city’s growth in the last 25 years.

“I would argue our diversity has been a huge part of our success,” Dean said in an interview with The Associated Press. “The fact that people feel comfortable living here, they want to live here and they see us as a welcoming place has been a big part of our economic success and our rise to prominence as a city that is a destination.”

.. “Obviously Republicans have a lot of advantages (in the 2018 governor’s race),” Dean said. “Their domination of the state right now is probably unparalleled.”

But Dean notes that Tennesseans were willing to elect Republicans governors when Democrats held similar sway in the state Legislature, including former Govs. Lamar Alexander, Don Sundquist and Winfield Dunn.

“What I hear from lots of Republicans and Democrats is that they want somebody who is pragmatic, somebody who cares about growth, somebody who cares about what the people care about, which I think are jobs and a sense of opportunity,” Dean said.

“Nashville is a city of opportunity,” he said. “And Tennessee should be a state of opportunity.”

…Dean also would have to fight a rear guard against some urban Democrats upset at him for promoting charter schools in the city and state.

Longtime Democratic operative Will Pinkston, who was among three school board members who won races in 2016 despite heavy spending on behalf pro-charter school challengers, said Dean’s policies were at odds with public school families in Nashville.

“He fundamentally did not understand public education and, as a result, Nashville saw eight years of turmoil in our school system,” Pinkston said.

“As Tennessee Democrats begin sizing up their potential gubernatorial nominees, they need to be asking tough questions about Karl Dean’s destructive education policies.”

Dean is unapologetic about his pro-charter position, which he said is in line with other big city mayors and with President Barack Obama.

“The important message for me is that charter schools are public schools,” he said. “It’s a different way of management, it’s a way that gives parents more choices and has produced very positive results in Nashville.”

“I don’t regret my support for charter schools and I think it’s consistent with being a good Democrat, and in line with some very, very good Democrats,” he said.

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