Justin Timberlake had “no idea” TN law bans voting selfies

Excerpt from a Rolling Stone report on Justin Timberlake’s appearance Wednesday night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

While chatting with the host, Fallon asked the pop star what he’d been up to lately, to which Timberlake replied a bit bashfully, “I recently voted. Super quiet, under the radar.” Earlier this week, Timberlake cast an early ballot in Tennessee and posted of a photo of himself at the booth to Instagram with a caption encouraging people to vote – only to find out later that Tennessee passed a law in 2015 prohibiting photos inside polling locations (the Shelby County district attorney was not interested in investigating the matter).

On Fallon, Timberlake reiterated his plea that people get out and vote, and then joked: “But don’t take a picture of yourself. I had no idea! I was like, ‘This is gonna be great! And inspire people to get out and vote!'”

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