Judge dismisses Durham lawsuit seeking pension and insurance benefits

U.S. District  Court Judge Aleta Trauger dismissed Friday a lawsuit filed by former state Rep.  Jeremy Durham seeking to restore lifetime health care and pension benefits he lost when the state House voted to expel him last year, according to The Tennessean.

The lawsuit should have been filed against the General Assembly, the judge said, instead of the state finance commissioner, the legislative administrator and the state treasurer – the people who oversee payment of pension and insurance benefits.

“The defendants, who took no part in (the expulsion), simply acted upon the facts presented to them: (Durham) had been expelled from the General Assembly and was thereby rendered ineligible for lifetime health insurance,” the ruling states.

“Suing the named defendants in this case amounts to an attempt to make an end-run around a challenge to the expulsion itself.”

Durham was expelled in September on a 70-2 House floor vote. He would have completed his second two-year term in November, thus reaching the four-years of service required to be eligible for a legislator pension and subsidy of health insurance for life.

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    Cannoneer2 says:

    “I’m a small businessman!”. That’s something we often hear Republican political candidates crow about on the campaign trail. I wonder just how much howling and moaning we’d have to endure if their employees had the guts to ask for lifetime healthcare benefits and a pension for a part time job. Legislators – they are just like you and me, only better!

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