Johnson concedes to Smith in House District 13

Democrat Gloria Johnson on Monday conceded the race for the 13th House District to incumbent Republican state Rep. Eddie Smith after learning there weren’t enough provisional votes to overcome the 154-vote deficiency disclosed on election day, reports the News Sentinel.

“I received a concession phone call from Gloria Johnson,” Smith said Monday afternoon. “She was very gracious.”

Johnson is a Democrat while Smith is a Republican. Initial results showed Johnson had 11,006 votes while Smith tallied 11,160.

Johnson declined to concede the race until the provisional ballots were reviewed and counted.

“We just wanted to be sure everyone’s vote was counted,” Johnson said. “There wasn’t enough to affect the outcome of the race.”

…She said Monday she didn’t expect the 597 provisional votes cast during the 2016 race to catapult her into office. Of those votes, 86 were cast in the 13th District. Even if every vote was validated and each one was cast for Johnson, it was far short of the 154 she needed to tie Smith.

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