Johnson City Press endorses Lee, Fitzhugh

The Johnson City Press is endorsing Republican Bill Lee and Democrat Craig Fitzhugh in the gubernatorial primary.

“On the right, Lee is checking all the right boxes for traditional Republican voters — Second Amendment protections, limited government, business acumen and tough immigration policy to name a few — while also presenting creative solutions in such areas as education and criminal justice. As Lee’s standing has risen in the polls, he predictably has become the target of attack ads, but he wisely has stayed largely above the fray,” according to the paper.

The paper praised Fitzhugh for knowing “state government inside and out” from his 12 years as a state lawmaker.

“Although he resides on the other side of the state, Fitzhugh’s rural roots and personable approach give him the proper perspective to understand the needs of Northeast Tennessee” accroding to the endorsement. “That’s most clear in his commitment to expanding broadband into rural communities as a key to economic development, and he’s willing to fight the special interests of the major broadband providers to get it done. We would expect him to be a feisty force in the governor’s chair.”

“Most importantly, Fitzhugh is firm in his belief that Tennessee needs to sign on to Medicaid expansion, both as a way to improve the health of Tennesseans and to save the state’s hospitals.”

The Knoxville News Sentinel has endorsed Republican Randy Boyd and the Chattanooga Times Free Press has endorsed Fitzhugh and Lee.

2 Responses to Johnson City Press endorses Lee, Fitzhugh

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    Lance Persson says:

    Run BILL LEE, Run.
    Your opponents are losing sleep today and hopefully will lose the race on Tuesday.

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    Michael Lottman says:

    Fitzhugh is doing pretty well considering his lack of a well funded or organized campaign, and might surprise us all. Certainly he has, or could have, strong appeal across rural and small-town TN, and he knows his way around political Nashville as well. He is an unapologetic progressive, witness his campaign literature that says he is “a Democrat who’s not afraid to be one.” In my opinion, both he and Dean inspire more confidence than any of the Republican candidates. The GOP race is one where a candidate can look the best by not saying anything, which may be fine for him (or her) but doesn’t give the voters much idea what they are voting for.

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