Jason Mumpower injured in Interstate 81 accident

Tennessee Comptroller’s Chief of Staff Jason Mumpower of Bristol is recovering in a rehabilitation center in Kingsport following a serious crash on I-81, reports WJHL TV.

He was one of five people taken to the hospital after a major crash and a series of crashes that slowed traffic for hours. Mumpower said he feels blessed to be alive and he’s grateful for the outpouring of support from his family, friends, and colleagues.

“This time last week I had never had an auto accident, I had never had surgery, I had never really had a stay in a hospital, so many firsts,” Mumpower said from NHC Healthcare in Kingsport.

It was just another drive home from Nashville, a drive he’s done many times. That familiar drive changed right behind him.

“Behind me a tractor and trailer came over the hill, clearly not prepared at all to stop and didn’t stop and hit me and knocked me into a u-haul vehicle, flipped me completely,” Mumpower said.

His car then landed on its tires and Mumpower had to be cut out of his car. A good Samaritan even came by to help.

… Mumpower now has a broken arm, “I have extensive metal plates from elbow to write,” and also has cracked ribs and pelvic injuries, among other things.

“They’re working me with occupational therapy and physical therapy, relearning how to walk to some degree,” Mumpower said. Although he has multiple injuries, Mumpower said he’s grateful it wasn’t any worse.

“The good Lord watching out for me, you know, certainly you can’t live through an experience like that and not believe,” Mumpower said.

… Mumpower said he will be in rehab for at least the next two to three weeks.

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