It’s the last day to request absentee ballots for Tennessee election

Tuesday is the last day for voters to request absentee ballots for the Nov. 8 election. Anyone age 60 or older can vote by mail, as can those who will be away from their home county on Election Day. Also still eligible are those who are at a higher risk from COVID-19 and their caretakers, a provision added amid a court fight two years ago. No physician’s statement is required to obtain a coronavirus exemption, according to the Secretary of State’s Office guidelines.

About 12% of votes were cast by mail in August 2020, up from an average of about 1.6% for the state’s nomination contests in the three previous cycles. After a state Supreme Court ruling dialed back eligibility for the ensuing general election, absentee voting made up 7%, compared with an average of 2% for the three previous November elections.


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