It’s ‘Nacho Libre’ time in the Tennessee House

Republican Reps. Micah Van Huss and Debra Moody are hosting a viewing party for the movie “Nacho Libre” at the legislative office complex on Monday night. The event first reported by The Tennessean’s Natalie Allison is getting the full treatment by Van Huss’ hometown newspaper, The Johnson City Press.

“It might read like satire, but it’s not,” writes the paper’s Zach Vance. Here’s more:

“We’re going to get together, have some pizza and watch ‘Nacho Libre,’ one of my favorite movies,” Van Huss said.

“I just like ‘Nacho Libre.’ I just like that (type) of comedy, it’s like ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’ It’s just some off-the-wall humor, and I like it.”

Van Huss also said no taxpayer dollars would be involved in hosting the event, and unfortunately, the public is not invited to the exclusive assembly.

“All 99 (House) members and 33 senators have received an invitation and their staff members. So everybody is invited that is members and staff. I can’t invite the public because then I’d have to hire security,” Van Huss said.

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