Is this what Casada meant by ‘nothing else?’

House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin), right, meets with colleagues on the Senate floor on May 1, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Seeking to shore up support among the Republican caucus last week, House Speaker Glen Casada assured colleagues “there’s nothing else to come out” in the text message scandal that threatens to topple him from the chamber’s top leadership position.

But new revelations emerged on Monday, as WTVF’s Phil Williams reported that Casada and his now former chief of staff exchanged text messages about whether two young women were at the legal age of consent.

Cade Cothren, then the House GOP press secretary, sent a text to Casada in August 2016 featuring a vide of two women dancing in his apartment.

“R they 21?” wrote Casada, then the House Republican Caucus chairman.

“It only takes 18,” responded Cothren, who was named Casada’s chief of staff after his election as speaker in January.

Casada’s answer: “Lol!!! And true!”

Cothren resigned last week after WTVF and The Tennessean reported he had sent racist and lewd texts. Casada said he never saw racist texts and apologized for “locker room talk” regarding women.

In one exchange, Cothren described a woman pictured upside down next to a pole as “wife material,” and Casada responded: “Can I just touch?” Cothren answered: “Maybe just once.”

In another exchange, Cothren texted Casada about a supposed sexual encounter with a woman in the bathroom at the Party Fowl restaurant, adding he’d send pictures later.

Casada remarked his aide had only been “gone for 60 seconds,” adding, “R u a minute man?” Cothren answered that he takes after Casada.

“Like father, like son,” he wrote to the speaker.

Cothren in other text messages solicited oral sex and nude photos from an intern and made sexual advances toward a female lobbyist.

Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver (R-Lancaster) became the seventh Republican to call to Casada to step aside as speaker. The Tennessee black caucus also voted to call for Casada to resign as the chamber’s leader after a marathon meeting on Monday.

9 Responses to Is this what Casada meant by ‘nothing else?’

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    Lenny says:

    Here comes Stuart Anderson’s spin. You will get dizzy.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      What is dizzying is the media’s dribbling out every few days another sentence or two of this private conversation between two close friends in order to keep the story alive, ratings up, and the easily fascinated entranced. A single guy telling his married friend about his sexual exploits and his married friend not giving him a lecture about how pre-marital sex is sinful. OH MY LORD, CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!!!

      Lenny, the Stanley Cup playoffs are on, it’s baseball season, Trump is trying to correct the trade imbalances with China that previous administrations have ignored and the stock market is volatile as a result so a buck can be made. Surely, there is something else going on in this world that can more productively occupy your interests than this “gotcha” story concerning Glen Casada.

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    Cash Pack says:

    A question every Republican House member must ask themselves. Would I feel comfortable leaving my teenage daughter alone with Glen Casada?

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Let me get this straight Cash Pack, are you saying that every guy who listens to the sexual exploits described by another guy and who doesn’t immediately lecture him about the sin committed by even looking upon a woman in a sexually desirous is thereby ineligible to babysit for children? You’re joking, right?

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        Cash Pack says:

        Yes, a 56 year old man doesn’t text back and forth with men in their twenties about their sexual exploits. These texts were clearly not out of the ordinary. Cothren felt comfortable texting his boss that he had sex with a woman in a public bathroom and would send pics. He felt comfortable texting his boss pictures of women dancing in his apartment at 1 AM and Casada asked about their age. If you think this is normal then you’ve got the issue Stuart Anderson. Conservative Christian family men DO NOT behave in this way. So, for every conservative Christian man serving in our legislature, I’d ask again….Would you feel comfortable leaving your teenage daughter alone with Glen Casada?

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    Molly says:

    “Like father, like son”. Who’s your daddy?

  • Avatar
    Teddy says:

    Drip, drip, drip.

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    Jonathan Swift says:

    Casada needs to resign and his apologists like Stuart I. Anderson need to find another hypocritical conservative to support, one that hasn’t been exposed yet.

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