In-state tuition bill dead; sponsor blames election year politics

Sen. Todd Gardenhire says the push to allow some undocumented students living in Tennessee to pay in-state tuition rates at public colleges is dead for the year because of election-year politics, reports the Times Free Press. The sponsor of SB2263 let the bill die without seeking a vote in the Senate Education Committee’s last meeting of the session on Wednesday, saying it was sure to fail.

Gardenhire said House leadership doesn’t want the bill to come up for a vote, while Senate leaders insist the House act first before allowing the measure to move forward.

The senator said this year’s governor’s race knocked the bill off course. He noted the House for the third year in a row “has killed it under the leadership of Beth Harwell,” the Republican House speaker who is running for governor.

He called it “Very disappointing. Very disappointing when you’ve got all four [Republican] gubernatorial candidates against it and one of them in particular, Diane Black, being personal about it.”

…Black, a Gallatin Republican running for governor, last week blasted the legislation and appeared to take a personal swipe at Gardenhire, saying that “too many times, so-called conservatives get elected promising to fight against liberal policies, only to embrace them once in office. It’s a shame to see our state legislature do just that.”

That drew a stinging rebuke from Gardenhire, a decades-long convervative, who has avoided taking sides in the Republican gubneratorial primary.

“I’m not only offended, but I’m very upset about that,” Gardenhire said, citing President Ronald Reagan’s famous “11th Commandment” against publicly criticizing other Republicans. “So, her day of reckoning will come when she comes to Hamilton County.”

He also said he was surprised “they did that without talking to both sides. I don’t understand when people do what they do and hurt children.”

See also The Tennessean report, which includes this Gardenhire comment:

“The House leadership in the last five years has consistently not wanted this bill to move forward. There’s people on what I would call the Roy Moore faction of the Republican party, have put out a tremendous amount of misinformation about what this bill does and what it doesn’t do,” Gardenhire said before the committee meeting.


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    David Collins says:

    Gardenhire says “I don’t understand when people do what they do and hurt children.” Really? Seems he might have lost touch with the CURRENT republican creed. People like Black, and others of her gilt, only love children while their in the womb. “Love ’em til their born” is their philosophy. They scream about the rights of the unborn but once they are born, they could not care less. Just look at their voting record on bills, like the in-state tuition bill, and you will see I am correct.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      See, the world isn’t such a complicated place after all, if you are a liberal. For example, if you don’t want to spend as much money as possible on every allegedly pro-child nostrum like in-state tuition for illegal aliens every time something like that it is proposed “you couldn’t care less” about children.

      Our liberal friends have sure evolved over the years. David Collins’ response illustrates that in the liberal mind of today the world is divided into two forces in constant warfare. “The Good,” those who agree with the liberal position on an issue, and “The Evil,” those who disagree with the liberal position. Naturally that intolerant mindset makes rational debate, and even having a functioning democracy very difficult.

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    Darryl says:

    YES Stay dead… Hang the idiot who introduced the bill by his toes… NO— I have a better idea… HAVE HIM PAY FOR THEIR TUITION OUT OF HIS POCKET!!!

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    Steve L. says:

    So the state representatives, in fear of their constituencies, let this bill die. That is not a problem, that is democracy. And this country is a most giving country in the world and our economically poor children live better than most of the worlds middle class children. We have $20 trillion in debt that proves we care about everyone that needs help in the entire world. As a grand parent I can testify that people I love can mess their lives up, of their own volition, faster than I can help. Children are the responsibility of their parents first, not me. Let’s start there first and do not lay a guilt trip on me.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Folks, if you elect Black,Dean,Floyd,Lee,Fitzbugh or Harwell the illegals will get college money which is our tax dollars. People VOTE AGAINST these people. You working people I GUARANTEE YOU, YOU WILL BE THROW UNDER THE BUS AND THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT LOOK BACK. These candidates tare trying to educate these illegals so they WILL TAKE ALL THE AMERICAN JOBS. Folks I cannot over empathize what’s going to happen to you if you elect any of the mentioned candidates. People don’t give your VOTE TO THEM. By the way why don’t all Tennesseeans have the same security Haslam has?

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    William Upton says:

    Sounds to me like it’s Gardenhire that’s throwing us under the bus. I would have to agree with everything Diane Black said about him. I personally will applaud her when she comes to Hamilton county.
    Let’s hope this ill conceived idea to give illegals “in state” tuition stays dead!

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    Donna Locke says:

    Continuing to reward what we are trying to stop means we will get more of what we are trying to stop. These people are citizens of another country, foreign nationals who are here illegally. They are not our responsibility, and they and their unlawfully present parents should be immediately deported.

    This situation has destroyed our public school system. The Supreme Court decision that allowed illegal aliens to enroll in our publicly funded schools should be revisited and reversed. It is crazy and very unfair to Americans and has harmed the education of Americans.

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    Michael Lottman says:

    It is profoundly disappointing to me that so many people are so full of misplaced anger that they will support this despicable action by the legislature and punish young people (who have done nothing wrong) for the actions of the adults in their lives.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      But Michael, we are actually treating them better than the way we treat native born Americans. When the “. . .actions of the adults in [the] lives. . . .” of red blooded American children result in their breaking the laws so they end up in jail for a number of years we “. . .punish [these] young people. . . .” by depriving them of their parents. We don’t simply deprive the kids of in-state tuition when they attend post secondary schools. Do you think that is “despicable?” Shall we make having a child/children an absolute defense against incarceration in the United States?

      Michael, if you liberals would stop making silly excuses for wanting to attract as many illegal aliens as possible the rest of us wouldn’t have so much WELL PLACED anger at you and those who violate our laws. Simply state, “we liberals are disappointed at our failure to appeal to native born Americans so we want to have waves of illegal aliens enter our country in the hopes that they can become citizens or otherwise qualify to vote ASAP so they can follow previous immigrant populations and overwhelmingly vote for liberal Democrats for at least two generations.” At least that would be an honest, understandable excuse for your advocacy rather than the mindless political platitudes that are such a bore.

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