House votes to return 76 acres of TN land to Cherokees

Press release from Rep. Chuck Fleischmann

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement upon his bill H.R. 146, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act, being voted out of The U.S. House of Representatives:

“Tonight, the House voted to keep a promise to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians by rightfully returning 76 acres of sacred land in Monroe County, putting the land back in tribal hands,” said Congressman Fleischmann.

“The Cherokee have a rich heritage in the Third District and I am thankful to have played a part to ensure the story of the Eastern Band is preserved in the Cherokee towns of Chota and Tanasi, and allow our future generations to understand and appreciate the heritage of the Eastern Band in East Tennessee. In fact, the history of Tennessee cannot be told without mentioning Tanasi, the origin of the name of our great state. I thank Principal Chief Sneed for his support and advocacy in getting this legislation to where it is today. I hope my colleagues in the Senate recognize the importance of H.R. 146 and act quickly to move my bill through their chamber and on to President Trump’s desk.”

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed stated, “We are one step closer to completing reacquisition of historical Cherokee lands in East Tennessee. These lands are culturally and historically important to all Cherokee people. The protection of Cherokee historic sites is critical to understanding our shared history. Congressman Fleischmann and the people of East Tennessee have been remarkably hospitable to us, and we look forward to new investments in East Tennessee when the bill is enacted into law.”

In detail, H.R. 146, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act, will:

  • Impact approximately 76 acres of land along the Tellico Reservoir and Little Tennessee River in Monroe County, Tennessee;
  • Include lands from the Sequoyah Museum, the Chota Memorial, Tanasi Memorial and land to provide support for these properties and cultural programs;
  • Place impacted land into trust for the benefit of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.
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7 Responses to House votes to return 76 acres of TN land to Cherokees

  • Avatar
    James White says:

    Now they need to vote to turn the national forests and parks back to the states and/or the people.

  • Avatar
    Dwight A Jewell says:

    Oh boy a new casino coming to Tennessee!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar
    William Upton says:

    A couple of hundred years late, but we finally kept a promise to the Cherokee. Good on ya Fleischman!

  • Avatar
    Diana Page says:

    To James White above: The reason we have state and national parks and forests and other public lands today is that they have been protected from exploitation and degradation by the “states/people.” They are the heritage of all of us and must remain under protection. This is what a forward looking community does.

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    cjmcd says:

    Please, Cherokees, NO exploitation of newly restored land for casinos and the like

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    Cherokee Missionary says:

    Now the Cherokee can open up language and culture schools much closer for us to attend here in East TN than in NC.

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