House-passed bill cutting gun law violation penalty dies quietly in Senate

A bill reducing the maximum penalty for illegally carrying a gun from $500 to $250 – approved 72-20 by the House earlier this month after considerable debate – died quietly in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Sponsoring Sen. Mark Green (R-Ashland City) briefly described the measure (HB2586) when he brought it before the committee, suggesting it would apply in situations were a person “accidentally forgot” he or she had a firearm. Committee Chairman Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) then promptly declared it had failed because there was no seconding motion from any member of the panel, as required under parliamentary rules. There was no further discussion.

As noted by WPLN, law enforcement, gun control groups and the governor’s office had all voiced opposition to the measure.

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2 Responses to House-passed bill cutting gun law violation penalty dies quietly in Senate

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    Thank heavens. What an odious bill. Cowboy Green needs to find another hobby – like how to protect our citizens from all these self-appointed Rambos.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    How in this world could any legislator approve anything for illegals? Folks all the legislators in the house that voted for (HB2568) NEVER SHOULD be RE-ELECTED. Also anybody but JUDD MATHENY for CONGRSSS. Another thing how does Dine Black, Marshall Blackburn, Judd Matheny an other politicians running for office do it on taxes payer money. They all do a have job and getting taxes dollars to do it. My point is if I were working for a company and was trying to find another job while my company was paying me to work for then how long do you think I would be employed by my current employer? VOTE OUT ALL CURRENT TENNESSEE STATE REPRESENTATIVES NOW. ALSO WATCH THE STATE SENATORS.

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