House GOP member takes aim at ‘medical Nazis’ in General Assembly

Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris) attends a meeting at the legislative office building in Nashville on Dec. 20, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

State Rep. Bruce Griffey, who is certainly not averse to courting controversy, is at it again. This time, the Paris Republican is taking aim at what he calls “medical Nazis” in the General Assembly who support companies’ authority to require employees or customers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“This is a threat by the financial elite against the poor’s ability to support their families!” Griffey writes in an email sent to all House members, nine Republican state senators, and Gov. Bill Lee.

Griffey wants lawmakers to emulate Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in barring private businesses from imposing vaccine mandates. Supporters to curbing anti-coronavirus measures are trying to gather the requisite two-thirds of signatures of House and Senate members to call themselves into a special session over the issue after the governor declined to get invovled. It remains to be seen whether Griffey’s wild talk will help or hurt that effort.

“I sincerely believe history (and Tennessee voters) will not be kind (and will have harsh ridicule) for those in favor of vaccine mandates,” Griffey writes in the email. “I am sure Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and CCP President Xi Jinping and other notable oppressors in history are smiling with glee!”

Here’s the text of the Griffey email:

In case anyone has not heard, Gov Abbott in TX has banned all vaccine mandates in Texas per his EO.  The Texas Legislature will take up the issue in a special session. 

I’m not against vaccines, especially for older Tennesseans, those at greater risks due to personal health conditions, or anyone that voluntarily wants to take the vaccine.  But, I am vehemently opposed to vaccine mandates by government, Employers or business owners in Tennessee.  I am also very frustrated that we, today, apparently have a number of “medical Nazis” in the TN House and Senate that think it’s ok for some Tennesseans, (those with financial power via their business ownership or employment of other Tennesseans), to discriminate against fellow (powerless) Tennesseans by requiring vaccines by threatening them with the loss of their job and/or ability to conduct business.  This is a threat by the financial elite against the poor‘s ability to support their families!   This is unacceptable in my opinion.  This is something I would never believe I would see in America.  

I sincerely believe history (and Tennessee voters) will not be kind (and will have harsh ridicule) for those in favor of vaccine mandates.  I can only imagine what our Founding Fathers would think of us.  At the same time, I am sure Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and CCP President Xi Jinping and other notable oppressors in history are smiling with glee!  I urge you all to Please stop and think!

Forcing vaccines via mandates has the opposite effect on free people in my assessment. We have a responsibility to protect the freedoms of Tennesseans to make their own health decisions. If we give Tennesseans a choice and educate them about the effectiveness of the vaccine to prevent severe outcomes and death for those at greatest risk, we will see better participation.  

It is undeniable that Covid typically has a survival rate of 99% and much greater for younger Tennesseans without underlying health conditions!!!! 99% PLUS!!!!   Moreover, vaccines DO NOT stop the spread of the virus!!!! Furthermore, these silly cloth masks are a joke (in my opinion) and the science does not support their use!  N95 masks work. 

Why in the world should we allow certain Tennesseans in power to discriminate against fellow powerless Tennesseans who do not share their political view?  Biden, his administration, and oppressive Liberals love this crap!  Conservatives hate it!

If you want the vax- get it!  If you don’t – don’t get it!  It should be the personal decision of every Tennessean, and the parents of Tennessee children – not the politically biased/charged TN Dept of Health seeking to circumvent the wishes of Tennessee parents via some informed minor doctrine.   There are also other therapies for treatment of the virus other than the vaccine – some more effective than others.  Corporate media intentionally fails to report on the successes other countries are seeing in their fight against COVID with the use of other therapies such as ivermectin in India and Africa.  Natural immunity is far better than the vaccine immunity.  These alternatives are being ignored.

I hope a vast majority of you will join me and others in the Special Session and show Leadership like TX Governor Greg Abbott and stand up for the freedoms of Tennesseans we swore an oath to protect.

And to those members that fraudulently and intentionally ignore the distinction between personal health choices and decisions that end the life of another human being, I will pray for you and hope that one day you will realize your grave error in judgement and promotion of the killing of innocent human beings.  May God forgive you for your ignorance.  History will not be kind to you.  Hitler didn’t fair well did he?

From: A Conservative GOP Male, 

Bruce I. Griffey, Esq.

State Representative District 75


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