House approves relocation of President James K. Polk’s body on second attempt

A resolution giving legislative approval to relocating the bodies of President James K. Polk and his wife, Sarah, from a tomb on the Tennessee state capitol grounds to the grounds of home once owned by Polk’s parents in Columbia was approved 51-37 by the state House Monday night on a second try.

SJR141, previously approved by the Senate 20-6, had fallen one vote short of the 50 votes needed for House passage on an earlier attempt last month.

Legislative approval was a first step toward relocation of the tomb and bodies. Before the move can take place, the Tennessee Historical Commission, the State Capitol Commission and Chancery Court must also agree under relevant state laws.

Note: The roll call vote is HERE.

6 Responses to House approves relocation of President James K. Polk’s body on second attempt

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    Michael Lottman says:

    Asinine and disrespectful.

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    Cannoneer2 says:

    If the legislature has enough time to bring this up TWICE, they don’t have enough to do. Cut their 2019 budget.

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    Carrie Russell says:

    Shameful. Final resting places should be just that … he was a Tennessee icon and United States president for goodness sake! What horrible precedent (and use of legislative resources) – these folks need to find another outlet: clean slate in 2-0-1-8!

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    M. J. Beck says:

    Ridiculous…what a waste of taxpayer $$$$… the amount of time spent on
    this nonsense legislation is mind boggling. You lawmakers have no better
    way to use your time??? You obviously need to have your swamp drained
    as well…

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    judy willoughby says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted, angry and sad over recent votes in Nashville concerning historic areas! April 4th the new mayor and Metro council voted to change the address OUR state capitol and other state office buildings are on from one of the historic early settlers of Nashville and Middle Tn from Charlotte to MLK. YES all of Tennesseans state capitol and state buildings are now on MLK instead of the brave lady who sacrificed sons and helped settle the area. ALL without asking the citizens of TN. AND so now too a waste of taxpayers money to change ALL letterhead with the address as well when that money could go to other things.
    NOW they vote to move the President and his wife from the State Capitol too! Are they going to remove ALL history from Nashville? Is this the beginning of the removals like have happened across the country? History is a BIG part of Nashville and area. What happened in history shapes us today. You cannot and should not change history to suit yourself.
    Fellow Tennesseans we all need to contact everyone and voice our disappointment, anger and concern over these changes before we lose even more history. We have until Nov 7th when the new governor has to order his/her letter head with new address.

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      judy willoughby says:

      Oh and per an email from our outgoing governor’s office, he has NO say in Nashville changing this even though it is STATE CAPITOL and State office buildings being affected!
      Wrong on all accounts that Nashville and the council can change something that affects the whole state!

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