Lee’s budget amendment is out. Here’s what’s in it.

Gov. Bill Lee delivers his State of the State Address on Jan. 31, 2022. (Erik Schelzig)

Gov. Bill Lee’s annual budget amendment is out, marking the beginning of the end of the legislative session. As first reported by Axios on Monday, the plan includes issuing up to $500 million in bonds in support of a new domed stadium in Nashville to replace the current home of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans (initial debt service would be up to $55 million).

According to slides presented by the administration, the majority of the funding for the new stadium would come from Metro Nashville and private sources.

Also in the governor’s plan:

— $80 million for a one-month mortarium on the state’s 4% sales tax on groceries.

— $66 million for air carrier support and $12 million for general aviation.

— $20 million to reduce the professional privilege tax on brokers, lawyers, doctors, and lobbyists from $400 to $300 per year.

— $20 million for riverfront development in Memphis.

— $17 million in grants to prepare a Nashville track for a NASCAR race.

— $15 million for voting machines with a paper trail.

— $10 million for the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.


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