Here’s a look at the fundraising sweepstakes among legislative incumbents

Lawmakers await the start of Gov. Bill Lee’s second State of the State address on Feb. 3, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

New House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) was the top fundraiser among legislative incumbents in 2019 with $349,701, followed by freshman state Rep. Bob Freeman (D-Nashville), who raised $227,881.

On the other end of the spectrum is embattled Rep. David Byrd (R-Waynesboro), whose $1,500 was the least amount raised by an incumbent up for re-election in 2020. Byrd, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by former players when he was  high school basketball coach in the 1980s, appeared to be waffling on an earlier pledge not to run again, but has ultimately said he won’t seek another term.

Other House members who haven’t been very active on the fundraising front are Memphis Democrats G.A. Hardaway ($2,900), John DeBerry ($4,250), and Joe Towns ($5,750). On the Republican side, Reps. Glen Casada (R-Franklin) raised $3,250, Mike Carter of Ooltewah brought in $3,900, and Bruce Griffey of Paris landed just $8,400.

See the full list of fundraising totals after the jump.

These figures only reflect fundraising in 2019 for personal campaign accounts (i.e., not for political action committees). Names in italics are senators who aren’t up for re-election until 2022.

Rep. Cameron Sexton $349,701
Rep. Bob Freeman $227,811
Sen. Jack Johnson $176,698
Sen. Shane Reeves $152,031
Rep. Robin Smith $140,350
Sen. Paul Rose $125,759
Sen. Becky Massey $118,800
Rep. Jeremy Faison $117,825
Sen. Paul Bailey $113,250
Sen. Jon Lundberg $106,600
Rep. William Lamberth $105,145
Rep. Christopher Todd $103,250
Sen. Randy McNally $101,525
Rep. Clark Boyd $100,350
Sen. Art Swann $98,750
Sen. Mike Bell $97,480
Sen. Ferrell Haile $94,770
Rep. Johnny Garrett $91,825
Rep. Timothy Hill $91,500
Rep. Ron Gant $91,150
Sen. Todd Gardenhire $89,287
Sen. Frank Niceley $87,666
Rep. Mark White $78,130
Sen. Bo Watson $77,400
Rep. Michael Curcio $77,350
Sen. Ken Yager $75,615
Rep. Kevin Vaughan $75,475
Rep. Susan Lynn $73,600
Rep. Gary Hicks $71,508
Rep. Tom Leatherwood $71,380
Rep. Esther Helton $70,523
Rep. Patsy Hazlewood $68,400
Rep. Andy Holt $66,750
Rep. Jason Zachary $65,780
Sen. John Stevens $64,750
Sen. Richard Briggs $62,200
Rep. Rick Staples $61,455
Sen. Dawn White $61,050
Rep. Ryan Williams $60,550
Rep. Lowell Russell $58,655
Sen. Bill Powers $58,200
Rep. Rick Tillis $55,900
Rep. Scott Cepicky $55,510
Sen. Janice Bowling $54,700
Rep. Kelly Keisling $53,678
Rep. Bryan Terry $53,275
Sen. Steve Southerland $52,845
Sen. Jeff Yarbro $51,050
Sen. Ed Jackson $50,002
Rep. Ron Travis $47,653
Rep. Mary Littleton $47,350
Rep. Matthew Hill $47,250
Rep. Charlie Baum $47,181
Rep. Darren Jernigan $46,800
Sen. Brian Kelsey $46,400
Rep. Dan Howell $45,993
Sen. Dolores Gresham $43,400
Rep. Rick Eldridge $42,700
Sen. Kerry Roberts $41,050
Rep. David Hawk $39,700
Rep. Yusuf Hakeem $39,100
Rep. Karen Camper $38,950
Sen. Steve Dickerson $38,550
Rep. Jason Hodges $37,400
Rep. Tim Rudd $37,200
Rep. Sam Whitson $36,450
Rep. Pat Marsh $36,051
Rep. Mike Stewart $35,330
Rep. Bob Ramsey $34,000
Rep. Andrew Farmer $33,750
Sen. Mark Pody $33,300
Rep. John Holsclaw $33,300
Rep. Kirk Haston $33,169
Rep. Jason Powell $32,150
Rep. Gloria Johnson $31,081
Rep. Micah Van Huss $30,650
Sen. Joey Hensley $30,400
Rep. Jerome F. Moon $29,950
Rep. Justin Lafferty $28,325
Rep. Curtis Halford $28,300
Sen. Sara Kyle $26,900
Rep. John Ray Clemmons $26,610
Rep. Dennis Powers $26,122
Rep. Brandon Ogles $25,921
Sen. Rusty Crowe $25,900
Rep. Mark Hall $25,850
Rep. Bo Mitchell $25,350
Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver $24,263
Rep. Debra Moody $23,850
Sen. Brenda Gilmore $23,000
Rep. Rush Bricken $22,710
Rep. John Crawford $21,050
Rep. Clay Doggett $21,050
Rep. Jay Reedy $20,896
Rep. Chris Hurt $20,675
Rep. Martin Daniel $20,600
Rep. Harold Love $19,600
Rep. Bud Hulsey $18,775
Rep. Sabi Kumar $18,100
Rep. Kent Calfee $17,800
Rep. Curtis Johnson $17,286
Rep. Dale Carr $16,700
Rep. Iris Rudder $16,500
Rep. Jason Potts $16,200
Rep. Michael Sparks $16,124
Rep. Paul Sherrell $15,600
Rep. Mark Cochran $15,550
Rep. Dwayne Thompson $15,425
Rep. Dave Wright $12,588
Rep. Jerry Sexton $12,386
Rep. Vincent Dixie $11,650
Rep. Larry Miller $11,550
Rep. John Ragan $10,300
Rep. Jesse Chism $10,250
Rep. Johnny Shaw $8,750
Rep. Bruce Griffey $8,400
Rep. Joe Towns $5,750
Rep. Bill Dunn $5,000
Rep. Barbara Cooper $4,450
Rep. John DeBerry $4,250
Rep. Mike Carter $3,900
Rep. Glen Casada $3,250
Rep. G.A. Hardaway $2,900
Rep. David Byrd $1,500
Sen. Katrina Robinson $750

21 Responses to Here’s a look at the fundraising sweepstakes among legislative incumbents

  • Avatar
    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Considering Glen Casada only announced for re-election a few days ago and was undecided up to that time, those of us who are looking forward to his re-election have no cause for alarm. He has quite a bit of campaign funds accumulated from past elections and I am sure there are conservatives who are ready to join me and help should the need arise.

    • Avatar
      Misty Pardner says:

      He has a half-million in his PAC and campaign account combined. His PAC money will be funneled through numerous recently formed PAC’s to primary challengers of incumbents that did vote for him as speaker. Also those that were vocal about him stepping down as Speaker.

    • Avatar
      LeeAnn C. says:

      Wouldn’t vote for Casada to be dog catcher, if I lived in his district. I’m quite sure he will work to punish any that have not supported him.

  • Avatar
    Jason Wallflower says:

    First, huge win for Sexton. Just a massive haul. Looks like he is going to be a monster on the fundraising trail.

    Casada’s numbers are abysmal. Regardless of his announcement, it looks like the well has run dry. PACs completely shut him down. He may squeak out a win this year, but after spending his money on the campaign, he will have nothing to defend himself in 2022.

  • Avatar
    CollegeGrover says:

    Glen Casada has all the campaign money he needs. He is also a hard worker and a great campaigner.

    Where and who is this mythical candidate that is going beat Glen Casada? The clock in ticking. The Primary is less than 6 months away.

    He wins the Primary by at least 15% and the General by at least 25%.

    • Avatar
      Jason Wallflower says:

      Glen will undoubtedly have expenditures this year of some sort. He will be most vulnerable next cycle.

      • Avatar
        Stuart I. Anderson says:

        By next cycle the tempest in a teapot that has all the pearl clutchers clutching will be about three years old. After three years attempts to resuscitate this media driven nothingburger against what will at that time be an eighteen year incumbent will capture the imagination of only the 33% of the electorate in the 63rd District who vote Democrat.

        • Avatar
          Jason Wallflower says:

          Stuart it’s our responsibility as republicans to primary Glen. I am not talking about democrats at all.

          • Avatar
            Stuart I. Anderson says:

            Sorry Jason I’m a conservative before I am a Republican and I have much better things to do than to drum up primary opposition to a legislator who has an American Conservative Union rating of 88%.

  • Avatar
    Cass says:

    #DirtyByrd just get out of TN politics all together. You’re disgusting.

  • Avatar
    Donna Locke says:

    Where was Glen Casada on mandatory E-Verify? Nowhere. Primary this business-lobby-and-Bill-Lee flunky.

    Folks, no state that allows most employers to skate on illegal hiring is serious about immigration enforcement.

    • Avatar
      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Are you sure that a state has the authority to impose that requirement on employers? Now Trump definitely could impose such a requirement probably via a Presidential order but that is a bridge too far for our President Tough Guy – definitely not something the boys in the Chamber would like so it’s not something Trump and most of the other Washington Republicans are very much interested in doing.

      • Avatar
        Donna Locke says:

        Yes, I am sure, Stuart. Tennessee already has mandatory E-Verify on some private employers. Jim Tracy sponsored the last bill that passed, when he was in the legislature, but he very tellingly did not go far enough, allowing most construction companies, restaurants, landscapers, and more to continue to skate. We want it on all employers.

        The independent contractor and subcontractor ruses must be addressed, also.

        Primary Glen.

        • Avatar
          Kosh III says:

          This is how you slow down the arrival of undocumented aliens: go after the outlaw employers who hire them.
          But of course it won’t happen, instead we’ll continue to be bamboozled by the fake wall.

          • Avatar
            Donna Locke says:

            Yeah. We’ll continue to get smoke and mirrors while they pad their pockets. E-Verify requirements are nothing without really tough penalties, also. Permanently losing business license on second offense, etc.

        • Avatar
          MARLE says:

          Stuart, who claims that immigration is his MAIN policy issue, hold Cassada out as a conservative HE would gladly fund. This is really why we have the dis-functional government we deserve…….too many Stuarts.

      • Avatar
        James White says:

        Stuart, the constitution does not allow the President to do that. He can not tell a private business or the state, who to hire.

    • Avatar
      Phil Lassiter says:

      Glenn sheparded the fuel tax bill and the attempt to nullify the electoral college with the current speaker of the house. That’s how short memories are

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  • Avatar
    Beatrice Shaw says:

    Give me some biscuits with that special interest gravy!!!

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