Here is the final Senate vote on the omnibus COVID-19 bill

The Tennessee Senate meets on June 1, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

It’s taken a little while for the House and Senate chambers to catch up with the 1 a.m. vote on the final version of the COVID-19 omnibus bill. We had the House totals on Saturday. Here is the Senate breakdown on its 22-4 vote:

SenatorParty Vote
Akbari, RaumeshDN
Bailey, PaulRY
Bell, MikeRY
Bowling, JaniceRY
Briggs, RichardRN
Campbell, HeidiDN
Crowe, RustyRY
Gardenhire, ToddRY
Gilmore, BrendaDA
Haile, FerrellRA
Hensley, JoeyRY
Jackson, EdRY
Johnson, JackRY
Kelsey, BrianRA
Kyle, SaraDA
Lundberg, JonRY
Massey, Becky DuncanRY
McNally, Lt. Gov. RandyRY
Niceley, Frank S.RY
Pody, MarkRY
Powers, BillRY
Reeves, ShaneRA
Roberts, KerryRY
Robinson, KatrinaDA
Rose, PaulRY
Southerland, SteveRY
Stevens, JohnRY
Swann, ArtRY
Walley, PageRY
Watson, BoRY
White, DawnRY
Yager, KenRA
Yarbro, JeffDN