Here are the candidates for House GOP leadership

Speaker Cameron Sexton presides over a House floor session on June 1, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Following Rep. Andrew Farmer’s withdrawal as a candidate for House majority leader, the only remaining contested GOP leadership race appears to be for caucus chair, where Robin Smith is challenging Jeremy Faison.

Here’s the list circulated among House Republican Caucus members (with the caveat that nominations will also be allowed to be made at the GOP meeting on Tuesday) :


  • Cameron Sexton

Speaker Pro Tempore

  • Pat Marsh

Republican Leader

  • William Lamberth

Republican Caucus Chair

  • Jeremy Faison
  • Robin Smith

Assistant Majority Leader

  • Ron Gant

Caucus Whip

  • Johnny Garrett

Floor Leader

  • Paul Sherrell

Caucus Vice-Chair

  • Brandon Ogles

Caucus Secretary

  • vacant

Caucus Treasurer

  • Mark Cochran

Fiscal Review

  • Clark Boyd
  • Jason Zachary
  • Kelly Keisling
  • Kevin Vaughan
  • Ron Gant
  • Rush Bricken
  • Scott Cepicky

15 Responses to Here are the candidates for House GOP leadership

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Jeremy Faison (ACU-87%) was a member of the Toadying Ten who refused to close Tennessee’s primaries. I say Robin Smith (ACU-90%) by a neck.

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      Phillip Lassiter says:

      Needs to be Robin. Don’t see any courageous people on the ballot anywhere Especially Soeaker and ProbTem. Wet noodles at the top will trickle down

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    LeeAnn C. says:

    I like both Robin Smith and Jeremy Faison. I believe Faison would have the edge based on experience in the House. Moving things along legislatively is somewhat like herding cats.

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    cindy s says:

    Robin Smith would do an outstanding job. She is a outstanding role model and has successfully represented her constituents. You can bet she will hold leadership peers accountable. This should be a no-brainer.

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    Keith Richardson says:

    Not a true leader among them. The plans for this weekend’s gathering are demonstration enough. If Tennesseeans want to survive this pandemic, we cannot look to our legislators or our governor to lead us… unless we want to end up in a hospital, a graveyard, or more prolonged economic troubles.

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    Jennifer Hamblin says:

    There is absolutely zero comparison of Faison & Smith! One is a Republican and one pretends to be one!
    After Faison creating a “divide” in the State GOP Party, by putting a Bonafide Democrat on Our TN GOP Ballot, he is not qualified to serve in this role! This same Democrat just refused to sign the letter of support for President Trump! This same Democrat that Faison loves that voted AGAINST Trump in the TN Presidential Democrat Primary! Faison felt he would play God & decide the BONAFIDE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE was not polished and could not win! He had become one of the biggest embarrassments to the TN GOP!
    We need and deserve a GOP House Caucus Chairman that represents our party, has ethics, and is not self absorbed! That person is MRS SMITH!

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      Matt Studd says:

      Well said Jennifer Hamblin! Jeremy has proven himself to be an agenda driven RINO facilitator and Political gamer. ENOUGH of such CRONYISM

      On the other hand, Robin Smith has the PROVEN experience, wisdom, principles and LEADERSHIP that this role requires and demands.

      More RINOs, Games and Double Talk from Faison, OR Strong Capable Leadership from from Robin Smith … I hope our Delegation demonstrates THEIR Wisdom in this important matter!
      We’ll see … and we’ll persuade and we’ll hold them accountable!

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      Phillip Lassiter says:

      Have a drink and take a pill! That’ll make it better!

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      Jason Wallflower says:

      Hey Jennifer. Eddie Mannis won. Have a good day!

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    Jason Wallflower says:

    Robin Smith is as corrupt as they come. Does no one remember the 2010 congressional race? She was oozing of backroom deals for her cronies. Faison is not the best guy to lead the caucus, but at least he doesn’t have a history for corruption.

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    250,000 Americans Dead; losing one every minute now and the GOP still thinks the virus is a hoax.
    Are these really the people you want in charge of protecting the country?

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    Dr. Byron V. Bush says:

    Respectfully, your logic and blame are off-target.
    Although the numbers vary from year to year, approximate annual deaths from all causes approach 60-million globally while births are twice that at 120 to 140-million; this from a global population of 7.7 billion. So far Covid-19 is responsible for 1.2 million global deaths this year in 2020… 250 thousand of those deaths are in the U.S. alone. It should also be noted that of those deaths attributed to Covid-19, 80-90% involve co-morbidity health issues of heart, lung, diabetes, obesity and other factors, without which the person would not have died.
    Any death is not welcome yet is a known reality that will occur at some point upon birth. Death is a part of life. However unlike any of the other causes of death, Covid-19 has been politicized beyond anything we have previously seen. Instead of allowing science and medicine to independently seek a cure and make it available for those who are vulnerable, Covid-19 is being used by some as a narrative to divide and conquer our nation, all while distorting the truth with the express objective of controlling the coming and going of a free people. People you have elected to represent you now believe they have the mandate to rule you. To them, “freedom of choice” means you can choose to kill a child before, during and after delivery… that’s OK… but you have no choice… no voice when it comes to attending church or eating a Thanksgiving meal with your family… that’s not OK.
    Governors of California and New York, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and liberal Fake News Journalists continue to push their hypocritical truth “NARRATIVE “ but fail to live it. “MANDATES FOR THEE… BUT NOT FOR ME…” Us “little people” must be controlled, we must learn our “place”.
    The rationale is twisted. DEMANDS for wearing of masks and separation, i.e. social distancing is slowly but surely conditioning this generation to accept the enforcement of new norms, of vaccination and other unforeseen requirements for your own good (lol) whether you like it or not. The lines of demarcation are beginning to crystalize. If “hindsight is 2020” we will soon see how far we have regressed by these progressive ideals now mandated.
    So where and when does it stop?

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    It doesn’t stop by wishing it away; you have to believe in science.
    It is not a political decision to wear a mask!

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