Here are Gov. Lee’s proposed raises for state employees

Gov. Bill Lee delivers his first State of the State address in Nashville on March 4, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Here’s a look at the $157 million in state employee raises Republican Gov. Bill Lee is proposing for the upcoming budget year:

1. State Employees Salary Pool:

a. 2% Salary Pool – Pay for performance – TEAM Act agencies: $28.8 million (effective 1/1/2020).
b. 2% Salary Pool – Across the board – Non-TEAM Act agencies: $6.7 million (effective 7/1/2019).
c. Market rate adjustment: $18.5 million. 

2. Higher Education Included in Funding Formula:

a. 2% Salary Pool – Formula Units: $22 million. 
b. 2% Salary Pool – Non-Formula Units: $8.5 million

3. K-12 Basic Education Program (BEP) – Teachers and Other Certified Staff at 2.5%: $71.3 million.

4. SafetyCommissioned Officers (Troopers) – Salary Survey Raise at 2.0%: $1.4 million.

5. Commerce and Insurance – TLETA Commissioned Officers – Salary Survey Raise at 2%: $22,200.

6. TWRA – Wildlife Officers – Salary Survey Raise at 2%: $804,400 (dedicated).

7 Responses to Here are Gov. Lee’s proposed raises for state employees

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    No matter. What he wants, the Legislature has to agree

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    Blue Lady says:

    What about retirees? I think highway patrol deserves more than anyone….they have dangerous jobs.

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    Cannoneer2 says:

    Refreshing. There may be hope after all.

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    MarLE says:

    The best breakdown of Lee’s speech using His Own Words is on a Facebook page, called Right Corner Pocket, by Ralph Bristol. He posted the Education spending portion, segmented into spending categories and did so Without personal opinion, just with factual detail along with the speech audio. It can be found googling “Right Corner Pocket Ralph Bristol”

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    Lora D Woods says:

    Teachers are very important people in our lives, but teacher assistants also are important when raises come why are they not considered.

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    Amanda mcelyea says:

    When should retired employees expect the 1.9%raise on their checks

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