Haslam suspends some TN laws for Irma evacuees

In an executive order issued Saturday, Gov. Bill Haslam has temporarily suspended some state laws with the goal of helping provide care within the state to people evacuated from areas declared facing a state of emergency because of Hurricane Irma.

State law generally allows governor to suspend statutes in emergency situations. This suspension is to be in effect until Sept. 25.

There are three key provisions of Executive Order 66:

-A health care professional licensed in another state need not obtain a Tennessee license if he or she is an evacuee from Hurricane Irma or assisting evacuees.

-Tennessee pharmacists are authorized to provide a 14-day supply of a prescription drug to evacuees from Hurricane Irma without the usual restrictions.

-Evacuees from Hurrican Irma, though non-residents of Tennessee, can sign up for benefits under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children and various programs providing assistance for medical conditions including renal disease and hemophilia. Enrollment in the programs usually requires residency within the state.

Text of the executive order is HERE.

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