Haslam: “Leave James and Sarah where they are”

A visitor walks by the tomb of James K. Polk tomb in Nashville on March 13, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

The Knoxville News Sentinel caught up with Gov. Bill Haslam on Monday, asking him about a variety of issues including his feelings about a work requirement for TennCare recipients (he supports the bill), his NCAA bracket (it’s busted), and calls to exhume the bodies of President James K. Polk and and his wife, Sarah, from the grounds of the state Capitol grounds and move them to Columbia.

Haslam said he’d be disinclined to move the Polks: “I guess if the vote was up to me I’d leave them buried there on the grounds.”

“They were buried there around the corner from where their home was, a block and a half away from the Capitol. It is a point of interest that a lot of citizens that come and tour the Capitol get to see. It’s not something I have strong feelings about but if the vote was up to me I’d leave James and Sarah where they are,” Haslam said.

The House version of a resolution calling for the move is up for a floor vote on Monday evening. A small change adopted in committee would require Senate approval. Supporters say it’s just the first step in a lengthy process that will ultimately require a court ruling.

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    David Jones says:

    This is real waste of time and taxpayer money. It seems this issue is totally about creating greater revenue opportunities for the Polk museum. This issue was decided long ago and certainly does not consider the wishes of the deceased. If they had had a desire to be interned in Columbia, I am sure, regardless of the estate disputes that occurred at the time of their deaths, their wishes would have been honored. It is really time to stop the foolishness. As a descendant of the Knox family, I say let them rest in peace.

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    Randy Hendon says:

    I hope / pray the Governor feels the same way about Tennessee War Hero -Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest! In Memphis- the local government has desecrated the grave of the General and his lovely wife
    and still has the site off limits to the general Public! Governor – we need your support and leadership in these matters of great Historical importance! As you are a History major, Governor Haslam , I know you will do the right thing! I have lived in the City Limits of Memphis for over 60 years and many of us here want history to be left alone and respected by all. Thank you!

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    What about the illegals when a they leaving Tennessee?

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