Haslam grants 10-day execution delay to prepare electric chair

Gov. Bill Haslam speaks at a press conference at the state Capitol in Nashville on March 1, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

A statement from Gov. Bill Haslam about his decision to grant a 10-day delay in the execution of death row inmate Edmund Zagorski:

I am granting to Edmund Zagorski a reprieve of 10 days from execution of the sentence of death imposed upon by him by a jury in 1984 which was scheduled to be carried out later today. I take seriously the responsibility imposed upon the Tennessee Department of Correction and me by law, and given the federal court’s decision to honor Zagorski’s last-minute decision to choose electrocution as the method of execution, this brief reprieve will give all involved the time necessary to carry out the sentence in an orderly and careful manner.

3 Responses to Haslam grants 10-day execution delay to prepare electric chair

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    William Upton says:

    Nobody knew this was on the schedule! Gimme a break! I can’t take Haslem seriously making this kind of lame excuse. Incompetence!

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    Donna Locke says:

    Remove this murderer from this world. He has forfeited his right and opportunity to be here.

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    Silence Dogood says:

    One .45 bullet ($.50), one .45 gun ($350), one shot in the head. $350.50. Auction the gun for $350.50 and we are done. Why not? Less talk, more executing, no more mixed messages to scum rapist, child molesters, and murderers.

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