Harwell’s PAC puts up second ad promoting House speaker

Just days after her campaign was hit with an ethics complaint alleging House Speaker Beth Harwell’s gubernatorial campaign has illegally coordinated with her political action committee in running one TV ad, the PAC has begun airing a second commercial promoting Harwell, reports the Nashville Post.

The somber ad, entitled “Hope,” uses the same theme as the perky first one — people holding up signs — but this time the topic is the opioid epidemic.

… “Opioid abuse is Tennessee’s greatest health crisis in decades,” a narrator intones as more faces flash by, all serious and unsmiling. “And Beth Harwell is fighting to stop it,” the narrator continues, as the ad cuts to Harwell.

“As Speaker, I’m leading our state to establish tougher sentences for dealers, greater oversight on prescription opioids, and more rehab over prison,” Harwell says. As the ad cuts back to some of the same faces shown earlier, Harwell says, “Together, we can end this nightmare.”

“Your speaker, Beth Harwell, is taking our hopes for today to make them a reality for tomorrow,” the narrator picks up, as the ad shows Harwell talking to two people, finally cutting to a close-up of a young child’s face as the 30-second spot ends.

Like the first ad, the disclaimer only states, “Paid for by Tennesseans for Good State Government, Troy Brewer, Treasurer,” with no wording describing it as either an authorized expenditure approved by the candidate or as an independent expenditure not authorized by any candidate, which is required by law.

The PAC has purchased $276,000 in airtime for the new ad over the next two weeks.

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