Harwell cites PAC ad in campaign email

Republican gubernatorial candidate Beth Harwell’s campaign has sent out a campaign update that trumpets a TV ad paid for by her political action committee. The email blast is bound to keep questions about coordination between the campaign and the PAC on the front burner.

“Check out this new video highlighting Tennessee’s legislative successes from Tennesseans for Good State Government,” says the email, which includes a link to the YouTube version and several screen grabs. The Tennesseans for Good State Government was previously called the Harwell PAC.

The ad that went on the air last week celebrates Harwell’s achievements as the House speaker and even features her addressing the camera from the podium in the House chamber. The spot doesn’t explicitly urge viewers to vote for Harwell for governor.

Critics note that it’d be near impossible for Harwell to comply with rules banning coordination between an independent group and the campaign when it’s her own PAC spending the money and herself appearing on camera.

Harwell faces U.S. Rep. Diane Black of Gallatin and businessmen Randy Boyd of Knoxville and Bill Lee of Franklin in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

“As our campaign moves forward, we will need help in every corner of our great state,” Harwell says in the campaign email.

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