Harwell appears on Fox News

Beth Harwell appeared on Fox News over the weekend to promote her Republican gubernatorial bid and to liken herself to President Donald Trump.

“We’ve been able to do here in Tennessee under my leadership as speaker what president Trump is trying to do for America,” she said. “We’ve lowered taxes for all Tennesseans, we’re the lowest-taxed state in the national. We have ended sanctuary cities. And so of course we have a lot in common, but I believe I have the proven performance and the results that conservatives in the state of Tennessee want.”

Harwell also downplayed the significance of Pence’s recent reiteration of his endorsement of Diane Black in the race.

“I certainly understand Congressman Black has a lot of support in Washington, D.C. She’s been there for quite some time. And I, on the other hand, have always kept my eyes focused on the great state of Tennessee,” she said. “I believe that President Trump is right: If we’re going to solve our problems, our domestic problems, it wont’ happen in Washington, D.C., it will happen here in Tennessee. And I am ready to be right person to serve in the governorship.”

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