Gummy bear bust goes sour with TBI testing

District Attorney General Jennings Jones is dropping all charges against more than 20 Rutherford County business owners who were arrested and saw their stores padlocked earlier this month in what officials called “Operation Candy Crush,” reports the Murfreesboro Post. Officers thought the businesses were selling gummy bears and other candies coated with marijuana-laced cannabis oil, but Jones says TBI testing of the products was “inconclusive.”

“Chemists from (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have now informed my office that they cannot determine whether the cannabidiol detected on these products came from a hemp plant or marijuana plant,” Jones said in a statement Wednesday. “I was also informed that the TBI lab cannot determine the level of tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) in any of the products they tested.

All criminal charges are being dismissed and records expunged against the store owners, according to the press release issued Wednesday by the DA’s Office. In addition, public nuisance actions are being dismissed and all property seized under court order will be returned.

Jones said the DA’s Office initiated the arrests and store busts because TBI assured his office items being sold at business across Rutherford County were “infused with illegal controlled substances. It is the duty of all law enforcement to prevent the sale of controlled substances.”

Attorney Kevin Latta, who represents Vapesboro LLC and the owners of two Kaleidoscope stores, said his clients are “relieved. But they are indignant and they have been through a lot.”

The DA’s decision “leaves wholly unanswered” the necessity of sending SWAT teams to raid business owners who’d never been in trouble with the law, Latta said. In other counties, law enforcement sent letters to store owners notifying them they had questions about what they were selling, the attorney said.

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    James White says:

    If the TBI can’t determine if it is from HEMP or POT, or if we get medical cannabidiol, how will they control it?

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    Dan Gilley, taxpaying citizen of Bradley County says:

    One more example of the inept and apparently corrupt leadership of the TBI. Why did they give the current director 4 months to clean his office out? He needs to go now so this agency can get back to the excellent status it once enjoyed as soon as possible. But before he leaves, the citizens of Bradley County deserve to know what is in the Sheriff Eric Watson investigation file, and why it was ordered sealed. Is this simply collusion between special DA Jimmy Dunn and the TBI director to keep the citizens of Bradley County in the dark concerning the alleged criminal actions of our sheriff? Why are they so determined to protect this sheriff? Why can’t we what is in that file so we can make up our own minds? Or, is there something far more sinister at work here? Makes an honest man wonder what is going on.

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    Jeffrey H. Levy says:

    Store owners should sue Jennings Jones for damages, let Jennings Jones sue the TBI.

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    Penny Tucker says:

    Why is he being allowed to “retire” and draw state benefits. He should be fired and prosecuted, Oh, but wait–something should have to happen to those legislators and the governor who signed off on the paperwork that let the millions flow then disappear from these corrupt actions so that won’t happen–will it?. CROOKS–them all.

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