GOP gubernatorial candidates showed at Trump rally; only Black got presidential mention

While President Trump’s Nashville rally was held to support Marsha Blackburn’s run for the U.S. Senate, four Republican gubernatorial candidates were on hand as well to show support for the president and look for votes, reports WKRN TV. U.S. Rep. Diane Black got a presidential mention.

  “Diane Black. Diane where are you?” said the President at the start of his speech before finding her off the side of the stage. “She is in a big race, Good luck Diane.” 
The President did not mention that Rep. Black had been with him most of the day in what’s called the “security bubble” as he headlined a private Blackburn fundraiser before attending the rally. 
Earlier, as some waited to get into the President’s rally, two other Republican candidates were right there with them. 
Both said they are fully on board the Trump train after one of them was once on another track in the presidential race. 
“I was for someone else during the early part of the primary, but when it became apparent the president was going to be our nominee,” said Boyd to News 2 Tuesday. I jumped on board to support him. I was at the convention to support him. I voted for him. I was even there for the inauguration.” 
Bill Lee brought himself and his billboard bus to those waiting in line to see President Trump. 
“He has been a great president for us,” said Lee in the midst of shaking hands. “He has done remarkable things for this country and I think he did it because he loved this country.” 
…Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell tweeted out a picture of herself in the crowd along with the words, “So glad I could make it. Great boost for #MarshaBlackburn #USSenate #TNGOP.

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