Gant: ‘We can all recognize the severity of what is happening’

House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin) checks his phone in the House chamber in Nashville on March 4, 2019. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Republican Rep. Ron Gant, the assistant House majority leader, is issuing a call for a caucus meeting to discuss the fallout from the text messaging scandal enveloping Glen Casada’s speakership.

“With all the vitriol playing out before our eyes; personally, I find myself thinking that if this is what public service has come to then I may want to serve the community that I love in another way,” wrote Gant.

It’s unclear whether Gant’s call for a caucus meeting differs from once sought by Rep. Jason Zachary (R-Knoxville), which the latter has described as involving a “vote of confidence” for the speaker.

Here’s the full statement from Gant (formatted for clarity):

I believe in our government and I believe in the people of our great state, but my heart has been heavy over the last couple of weeks. With all the vitriol playing out before our eyes; personally, I find myself thinking that if this is what public service has come to then I may want to serve the community that I love in another way. It’s no wonder why good people don’t want to serve in politics with all the viciousness and hatred towards one another that takes place.

I believe we all can recognize the severity of what is happening. We are all looking for direction and understanding at this time. Therefore, as the Assistant Majority Leader I’m calling for a caucus meeting within the coming days. I want to thank those who have reached out to me personally over the last few days, I value your input greatly.

After much thought and prayer; along with hearing from my district and various fellow house members, I feel it is imperative that we meet as a caucus and seek a direction as members of the Tennessee House of Representatives. I would encourage us to consider the counsel of Micah “He has shown you, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

I ask that we each pray and seek our Heavenly Father for His wisdom and direction as we move forward.


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    James White says:

    Rep. Gant is my representative. Time to remove Casada and get on with the state’s business.

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    Debra Shoun says:

    I don’t know what else it would take to convince the Republicans to rid the House of this man who has created and fostered an atmosphere of sexual perversity and illegal drug use in the Capitol building itself and practiced graft and corruption in the hiring of and granting pay raises to political cronies. Kinda like the joke about the faithful man in the flood who awaited rescue on his rooftop. He turned down being rescued by 2 boats and a helicopter, telling the rescuers that he had faith his god would save him. After he drowned and stood before god in heaven, he asked, “God, why did you not save me. I kept faith in you.” And god answered,”I sent two boats and a helicopter! What else did you want?” Seems it time to recognize the signs, or maybe they’re waiting for even more to be exposed!

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Perhaps Debra, just perhaps, Glen did not do the things you accuse him of and you have simply allowed yourself to get swept up in the typical frenzy of exaggeration that the liberal media conjures up whenever a conservative missteps. Thus, the Republicans are on the horns of a dilemma as to whether to take the easy route and succumb to the mob or stand up and defend their leader. To put it succinctly Debra, perhaps you don’t know what you are talking about and the majority of the Republicans in the House know you don’t know what you are talking about but they don’t know what to do about it as yet.

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      Perry Aubric says:

      You are so right Debra. And it’s not like the Republican supermajority is in any danger, nor that they need Casada and his baggage. There are more than a few Republicans who are just as conservative, just as capable, and just as knowledgeable to lead the House. (In fact, there is no rule stating that the Speaker must be a House member.) And those Republicans, incluing many members, are ethical, not winking at overt racism and drug use, not leering at women on the Hill and exchanging sexually charged texts about them, not bugging offices.

      Typical of apologists like the irrelevant fringe-dweller Stuart Anderson to blame the media for reporting this misconduct (as if that’s not their job) rather than holding Casada accountable for his own actions. And to totally ignore Casada’s own admissions of his misconduct (as Lenny point out).

      Rep. Rick Staples, quite appropriately, was removed from his party leadership post and put off the Ethics Committee for his misdeeds earlier in the session. (No defense of him from hypocrite Anderson, but Staples is in the other party). I don’t think Casada should resign from the House (that’s up to his constituents), but he sure as heck is unfit to remain as Speaker.

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Debra knows. She stated it accurately

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    John says:

    I think all the representatives that take their toilet paper from the top should resign their seats immediately. You brood of self-righteous vipers. Condemn the man on his job performance or shut up.

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