Former Nashville mayor Dean’s latest TV: He’ll listen to ‘forgotten Tennessee’

Press release from Karl Dean campaign

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 25, 2018) — Today, the Karl Dean for Governor campaign released its third TV spot that will air in all major media markets across Tennessee.

The ad titled “Forgotten Tennessee” highlights what Karl has consistently heard from Tennesseans. While some parts of Tennessee are thriving, there are parts of Tennessee that are struggling and that is where Dean will focus his efforts as governor.

In the ad, Dean explains that he grew up in a small town and understands what needs to be done to invest, support, and advocate for struggling communities.

“If you live in the forgotten Tennessee, as governor, I’ll hear you. As mayor of Nashville, I pushed innovative solutions that Republicans and Democrats could agree on. All of these challenges are connected.  And no one should be left behind,” Dean says in the 30-second ad.

Dean explains forgotten Tennessee as the communities where the jobs have left, families are losing access to quality healthcare because hospitals have closed and students don’t have the resources they need to get ahead.

“There is no doubt there are larger cities that are doing very well in Tennessee,” Courtney Wheeler, Dean’s campaign manager, said. “But not everyone has benefitted from the same growth. After going to all 95 counties, Karl has heard from countless Tennesseans who feel that their needs and their communities have been forgotten and that will change when Karl Dean is governor.”

The ad follows more than a month of spots that describe how the former Mayor of Nashville kept the city rising and led to unprecedented growth by listening to all viewpoints before making a decision. Dean is campaigning on his ability to use that experience to bring economic growth to all of Tennessee.

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