Folks reported ‘flocking’ to first TN hemp dispensary — offering ‘pain relief’ through ‘mother nature’

People are “flocking” to the first hemp dispensary in Tennessee, which recently opened in Murfreesboro, says WTVF TV in a report that seems almost an advertisement for cannabidiol oil (CBD) sales – legalized by the state legislature two years ago with little fanfare and previously peddled on a mostly incidental basis within the state. Such sales led to a big bust in Rutherford County earlier this year, but all charges were dismissed after law enforcement officials realized candy contained CBD derived from hemp, not its illegal cousin plant marijuana, is legal in Tennessee and TBI labs confirmed that was the stuff being sold.

Imagine waking up in pain every morning, but with the help of mother nature, that pain could be greatly reduced.

Tennessee Hemp Supply is located at 1370 West Clark Boulevard in Murfreesboro. It’s the first hemp dispensary in the state.

Back in February, nearly two dozen stores were padlocked in Operation Candy Crush. Rutherford County store owners were accused of selling illegal CBD (cannabidiol oil) products, but CBD is legal. Those stores have since re-opened, and Tennessee Hemp Supply owner, Trinity Mealor, said that’s part of the reason why he chose Murfreesboro.

“They’ve already been through the battle, seen that this is legal, and they’ve actually welcomed us in open arms,” said Mealor.

Mealor said he’s heard countless success stories, but the most heartwarming is when his product can relieve a child’s pain.

“It’s been quite emotional, honestly. People receive the benefits of it, and they come back and report to us that kids feel better, rashes are gone,” said Mealor.

So if you’re dealing with pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or just want to relax, think about giving industrial hemp a try.

……The store sells hemp from Tennessee farms, and the hemp contains less than .03 percent of THC. If you smoke, ingest, or use CBD products derived from hemp, there are no psychoactive effects.

June 23 is the official grand opening, and anyone who comes in during the grand opening will receive 15 percent off their purchase.

Note: The bill legalizing CBD sales in Tennessee was approved during the hectic windup of the 2016 legislative session with relatively little media attention. The bill information page in the legislative website archives is HERE. A House-Senate conference committee came up with the final version, which passed the Senate 21-4 and the House 54-27. A previous post on Operation Candy Crush (aka ‘gummy bear bust’) is HERE. It targeted stores selling CBD products in candies — gummy bears, for example — as a sideline. A bill to legalize medical marijuana, meanwhile, failed again in the 2018 legislative session (previous post HERE.)

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