Fitzhugh names Trace Sharp as campaign press secretary

Press release from Craig Fitzhugh campaign

Ripley, TN – The Fitzhugh for Governor campaign has named Trace Sharp as campaign press secretary. Sharp is a veteran communication specialist having worked in broadcast, print media and economic development in northwest Tennessee before relocating to Nashville several years ago. Sharp has worked on campaigns at every level from local municipal elections, gubernatorial campaigns, congressional races and presidential campaigns.

“I have known Trace for many years, dating back to her time as a local reporter covering Gov. Ned Ray McWherter and state politics. I value her understanding of the issues facing our rural communities, from economic development and infrastructure to how Medicaid expansion would help to address our record number of hospital closures. Trace has been a strong advocate for rural Tennessee much longer than most candidates in this race and we are our honored to have her on Team Fitzhugh,” Fitzhugh said.

In her role as press secretary, Sharp will oversee the 95 county press operations for the Fitzhugh campaign.

“Craig Fitzhugh is a man of his word and a true statesman in every sense. I have covered his career and truly value his commitment to serving the needs of our state’s most vulnerable. It’s an honor to serve and I look forward to sharing Craig’s vision across all 95 counties,” Sharp said.

Note: Sharp blogged on Tennessee politics prior to serving as press secretary to the Democratic campaigns of Mike McWherter for governor in 2010 and Gordon Ball for the U.S. Senate in 2014.


3 Responses to Fitzhugh names Trace Sharp as campaign press secretary

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    James White says:

    Fitzhugh voted For an Article V Constitutional Convention and should never be elected to office again. No to Fitzhugh.

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    Michael Lottman says:

    Fitzhugh has served honorably and as effectively as possible in the TN legislature for 24 years and has taken a strong stand on TennCare/Medicaid expansion for some 300,000 low-income Tennesseans, and on many other measures that would benefit not only our poorest citizens but also the state as a whole. He has never done anything that would indicate to me that he would support throwing the Constitution up for grabs in an Article V constitutional convention. So I believe a mistake must have been made somewhere along the line that led to the above statement, and I am sure Fitzhugh would certainly not support this cockamamie crusade. (Besides, the governor would have no role under Article V in calling such an affair.)

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    Litzz11 says:

    According to this story, Craig Fitzhugh OPPOSED the Article V Constitutional Convention. He did not vote for it.

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