Duncan bashes Washington Post reporter in House floor speech

Republican U.S. Rep. John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr., who earlier this year said President Donald Trump was wrong in declaring the press an “enemy of the people,” on Tuesday delivered a brief House floor speech denouncing The Washington Post and its White House bureau chief, Philip Rucker.

Duncan singled out a Tuesday article by Rucker bearing the headline “Trump reacts to London terror by stoking fear and renewing feud with mayor.

From The Hill:

Duncan described the opening paragraphs of Rucker’s story as “biased,” “partisan” and “opinionated.”

“Philip Rucker does not now deserve the title of journalist, but instead should be referred to as a Democratic or left-wing hack,” Duncan declared.

“Apparently Mr. Rucker is so blinded by hatred for the president he cannot see straight and has written one of the most unfair, one-sided articles I have ever read.”

Rucker’s article analyzed Trump’s approach to the latest terror attack in Britain in contrast to past presidential leadership. Trump has responded to the incident by calling on U.S. courts to affirm his administration’s proposed travel ban on six majority-Muslim nations and criticizing London’s mayor with an out-of-context quote.

“A traditional president would have reacted carefully to the London Bridge terrorist attack by instilling calm, being judicious about facts and appealing to the country’s better angels,” Rucker wrote.

“But Donald Trump is no traditional president. He reacted impulsively to Saturday night’s carnage by stoking panic and fear, being indiscreet with details of the event and capitalizing on it to advocate for one of his more polarizing policies and to advance a personal feud.”

Rucker serves as White House bureau chief for The Washington Post, where he has worked since 2005. He covered the past two presidential campaigns, as well as Congress and the Obama White House.

Note: C-Span video of the congressman’s remarks is HERE. Previous post on Duncan’s defense of media HERE.

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