Doss gets a challenger in House District 70 GOP primary

Clay Doggett, a Pulaski businessman, has announced he will seek the Republican nomination in House District 70, now held by incumbent Republican Rep. Barry Doss of Leoma, the House Transportation Committee chairman who gained some statewide attention last session as House sponsor of Gov. Bill Haslam’s IMPROVE Act, including an increase in fuel taxes.

Here’s Doggett’s press release:

Pulaski, TN—On November 13, 2017, Giles County native, Clay Doggett, announced his intention to run for State Representative for District 70.

“I am fully invested in this community and through my experiences, I have identified many issues that threaten the stability and success of the future of our community.

In reflecting over these issues, I came to the realization that I could no longer only concern myself with the future. Today is the day for action. The best time to start preparing for the future is now,” said Doggett.

At a campaign kick-off event hosted on the Pulaski Square at the Staar Theatre last night, Doggett discussed his stance on several topics. He expressed his strong belief that life begins at conception, vowing to protect life throughout all stages of development. He advocated for the protection of the second amendment right to bear arms, putting the power to teach back into the hands of our local educators, and minimizing the role of government in the everyday lives of Tennesseans.

“My experience may not be in politics, but it is in public service,” Doggett said in reference to his past work in public education and law enforcement.

Clay and his wife, Mary Lauren Tinnon Doggett, are lifetime residents of Giles County. They have three children, Coell, Hannah Clay, and Ada. Clay is the founder and owner of Blueline Pressure Washing Services. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve the residents of Giles and Lawrence Counties.

Tennessee Star has a full story on Doggett’s announcment, including criticism of the incumbent (referred to as ‘Boss’ Doss). Excerpt:

While Barry Doss’s role as champion of the IMPROVE Act, breaking rules and renamiming it the Tax Cut Act of 2017, calls for an ethics investigation, and, subsequent to the passage of the Act, his provocative road work and front-row support of Nashvie Mayor Megan Barry’s $5.2 billion transit plan would have been an easy target for Doggett, he instead stayed remarkably focused on his own positions and qualifications.


3 Responses to Doss gets a challenger in House District 70 GOP primary

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    Misty Partner says:

    Thanks for the mention of the Tennessee Star, the shining blemish on journalism here in Tennessee.

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    Kay White says:

    I would love to meet this man and I wish him luck. I am running against 4 other incumbents, who have been in the State General Assembly or a member of the sitting Governor’s cabinet as well as a close friend. Even the “other one” who has not been on the cabinet or in the General Assembly has taken appointments on boards and also his company has been the receipient of State Contracts for the State Capitol and other services. I am the only one who has never been in the “swamp of Tennessee” under the present Governor who is all about himself and promoting his company and enriching his oil business – we will never know who the lawsuit comes out because people with money are powerful enough that their bad deeds, just like the Clintons, are swept under the rug – you know the old saying, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” – well we are hoping that the people have had enough of those who have been in the swamp and gained their income for household support on the backs of the real working people. It matters not how you have voted if your votes did not win and you have taken money as a salary for many years without greaat accomplishments – perhaps it is time to call it a day and go home peacefully! I support those who have the courage to step out and step up to the hard task of unseating the establishment candidates especially when they are not taking care of Tennesseans!

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