Democratic state House candidate arrested for cussing cops in Maury County

David Carson, a Democratic candidate for state House District 71, was arrested for disorderly conduct four days before the primary for berating police officers, the Daily Herald of Columbia reports. Carson was unopposed for the nomination and faces Republican Kip Capley in the election to succeed retiring Rep. David Byrd (R-Waynesboro).

Carson was taken into custody after a woman complained to police after he and two other men had come to her property to complain that electrical work done by her husband was not to his liking. Her husband was not home, she said.

When she asked Carson to leave, she said he moved to the edge of the property and parked on an easement road. When Mount Pleasant officers arrived and requested his ID, they said Carson became “loud and verbally abusive toward officers.” According to the report, Carson was told he would be arrested if he did not calm down and stop being loud but that he “kept interrupting by yelling and cursing officers” until he was taken into custody.

Carson told the paper he didn’t think he was on private property and that he had gone to the residence to pick up a trailer. He said he expects the charges to be dropped at a court hearing scheduled for Sept. 7.


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