Dave Ramsey endorses Ogles for GOP nomination in 5th District

Personal finance advice guru Dave Ramsey is endorsing Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles for the Republican nomination in the open 5th Congressional District race.

Here’s the Ogles campaign:

Columbia, TN – Conservative Mayor Andy Ogles, Republican candidate for Congress for the newly-drawn 5th District, today announced that he has been endorsed by nationally syndicated, award-winning radio talk host and 5th Congressional District resident Dave Ramsey and his wife Sharon.

“Sharon and Dave Ramsey are great assets to our community and country, and I am thrilled that they have endorsed me in my race for Congress,” Ogles said. “Their Christian, conservative, and fiscally responsible leadership reflect the values we share and those I will fight for in Washington.”

“Andy Ogles is a man who courageously stood for freedom and individual rights while others cowered in the corner of their offices. His strong stand for real common sense values and conservative beliefs make him the person we need in Congress,” Ramsey said in announcing his support for Ogles in the August 4th Republican Primary and November General Election. “Sharon and I are proud to back and endorse our friend Andy for Congress.”

Dave Ramsey started his media career on one radio station in Nashville in 1992, sharing practical answers for life’s tough money questions. Today he’s joined by his co-hosts reaching 18 million combined weekly listeners nationwide. (www.ramseysolutions.com)

“If President Biden could convince Dave to serve as his Treasury Secretary and then follow his lead on economic and fiscal policy issues, we would quickly recover from the economic disaster we are suffering and be on a path to dramatically reducing the national debt,” Ogles noted. “Sadly, getting Biden to cut up the national credit card as Dave has helped millions of families to do with their personal finances is too heavy of a lift even for him.”


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