Corker, Duncan quoted in report on ‘bumper crop’ of retiring congressmen

In an article on the two dozen members of Congress who are retiring this year, Politico suggests that unhappiness with the current political environment is a factor – and quotes two departing Tennessee politicians in the process.

People retire every cycle. But this year’s group is a bumper crop of members wondering whether Congress is broken forever—even as they insist they love their own jobs.

The ferocity of the Gingrich Revolution, President Bill Clinton’s impeachment—even the Tea Party shutdown wars of 2011 and 2013 seem like the good old days to them now. Capitol Hill is an angry, scattered mess; each party is storing up grudges to get revenge for the next time it gets the chance; and the victories are always fleeting. When pressed, the departees will confess to deep concerns that flow from Trump, the reaction to Trump, and the politics that created and elected Trump.

“I’ve never experienced as much anger and hatred as I did in the first few months of [2017],” says Representative John Duncan, an affable ultraconservative Republican from Knoxville, Tennessee, who is retiring after 30 years in the House.

… Bob Corker, the retiring senator from Tennessee, stresses that he is leaving for his own reasons, and despite his public fights with Trump, says he was very comfortable with his chances for reelection. He cherishes his chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and insists the Senate was broken years before Trump. “There’s going to be additional glass-breaking,” he says. And until we have “a president committed to wanting strong bipartisan legislation,” very little will change.

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    Linda says:

    We all know why Duncan is retiring and it has nothing to do with the atmosphere in Washington.

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    Steve L. says:

    The mistake made by Congressman Duncan and Bob Corker is that they assign these hard feelings between parties to Trump and HIS attitudes and lack of bipartisanship. How do these smart guys miss it? The voters are sick and tired of YOUR antics. We have run out of patience with YOUR one way bipartisanship. Duncan and Corker and Alexander, we are at an end to our patience with YOU. Flake and McCain and McConnell and Ryan and on and on…. The Left is rude and obnoxious. The faux Conservatives are so polite and dignified. And then you LOSE!! Cops being shot, illegals taking over the economy, kids taking over the schools, plane loads of cash being delivered to a terrorist regime, and dudes in the ladies rooms? And Trump is the problem? President Trump has said this many times, you guys (Republicans in case it is still not registering) strike bad deals for this country and its core economic contributors (us worker bees). We expect poor decisions from the Left. We do not from you. And will not accept bad decisions from you any longer. It is time to start working to reclaim this country. And those that are resigning from Congress are either too lazy, too greedy, or too tired to do this work. Thank you to the ones who are too tired to carry on this fight to the Left. The rest of you ARE the problem and can go away. My President is taking care of the business we sent him up there to do.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Now if we can only get tepid conservative Roe to go, that would give Tennesseans a chance to at least improve the Republican Party.

    BTW, Jimmy Duncan has a lifetime Heritage Action score of 75, and a Club For Growth lifetime score of 85. Only to a leftwing publication like Politico is that record considered “ultraconservative.” Has anyone ever seen a Democratic politician described as “ultraliberal” in Politico? Me neither!

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    Bob Miles says:

    Duncan was a conservative and most of the time voted conservatively, I have to grant him that. My problem with Duncan is his continued voting for Boehner as Speaker, especially after I begged him not to do it the last time.

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    Keith Richardson says:

    These replies are hilarious, …bless their hearts.

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