Corker remains coy about Senate plans in Memphis

What have we learned about Sen. Bob Corker’s potential un-retirement plans this weekend? Not much.

As expected, Corker did not attend a Friday evening GOP event in Williamson County (significant because it was the state’s only county not to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential primary). But he did go to the Lincoln Day dinner in Memphis, where he shared some awkward moments with U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn beforehand but didn’t say anything in the way of revealing his plans.

Some national media folks were out for the Shelby County gala, including NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard:

Hillyard also captured this meme-worthy image (apparently no words were exchanged for nine minutes):

The Tennessean’s Joel Ebert spotted this digital sign mounted on a truck driving around the Franklin venue on Friday.

The Tennessean also covered a Republican gubernatorial forum that featured questions fished out of a bowl. Also, Bill Lee won the straw poll for what it’s worth (which isn’t much, incidentally).

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