Complaints filed with FEC on Burchett and Matlock campaign financing

Separate complaints have been filed with the Federal Election Commission contending that two Republican candidates in the 2nd Congressional District primary, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett and state Rep. Jimmy Matlock, have violated campaign finance laws, reports the News Sentinel.

The tit-for-tat complaints don’t result in much more than a correction being filed by the campaigns to the FEC, but it shows the political climate for a congressional seat that’s truly open for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Both complaints cite improper donations and list FEC law that says, “Campaigns are prohibited from accepting contributions from certain types of organizations and individuals. These prohibited sources are: corporations, including nonprofit corporations.”

… The complaint against Matlock was filed Monday by Knox County resident Lee Dunlap, an independent contractor, who alleged that Matlock’s campaign took in two $500 contributions from corporations, which is prohibited. The donations came from Lange Animal Hospital and Lenoir City Animal Clinic. The complaint also alleged names of the partner or owner associated with a handful of businesses was left out, something required by FEC law.

In a written statement, Sean Lansing, senior advisor to the campaign, said, “We are aware of the complaint and are filing an amended report.” An amended report was filed before noon and the two $500 checks were set to be delivered back to the businesses.

… Loudon County Commissioner Van Shaver filed the complaint against Burchett’s campaign Tuesday. Shaver, who could not be reached for comment, alleged Burchett’s campaign accepted $2,700 in contributions from Stokely Hospitality Enterprises and $500 in contributions from Valliant, Harrison and Schwartz.

… Andrew Davis, campaign manager for Burchett, said the companies Shaver cites are not the same companies that contributed to Burchett – they have completely different addresses and ownership groups, he said.

“I’d be happy to have William Stokely IV, and John Valient, the owners of the companies that did contribute, call to clarify their classifications with the IRS,” Davis said in an email.

As such, Davis said the campaign does not see a reason to amend their filing.

Note: Previous post on the fundraising and spending figures included in 2nd Congressional District reports filed with the FEC is HERE.

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    Hope Foulds says:

    I find it interesting that a Loudon County Commissioner, home of candidate Jimmy Matlock, has filed a complaint against Burchett’s campaign. I also find it interesting that the complaints appear to be unfounded.

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