Cohen joins 19 Democratic congressmen boycotting Trump inauguration

Rep. Steve Cohen says he will boycott President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on Friday in a show of solidarity with fellow Democratic Congressman John Lewis, a veteran civil rights leader, reports the Commercial Appeal.

At the Be the Dream celebration for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cohen derided Trump for numerous personal attacks on well-known figures from actress Meryl Streep — “a saint in many people’s eyes” — to Lewis. Lewis recently said Trump was not a “legitimate president,” prompting Trump to Tweet, among other things, that Lewis was “All talk, talk, talk — no action or results. Sad!”

Lewis, who was beaten by police as he marched for equality in Alabama, is boycotting the inauguration, along with a growing number of Democrats. Cohen, who previously expressed hopes of working with Trump’s administration, said the remarks about Lewis “crossed the Rubicon” and that Trump “does not deserve” to be president.

“The dream is turning into a nightmare,” Cohen said, alluding to King’s famed “I have a dream” speech.

Politico reported that, as of Sunday, 19 Democrats (not including Cohen with his Monday announcement) had announced they would boycott the inauguration. An excerpt:

In addition to (California Rep. Barbara) Lee and Lewis, Democratic Reps. John Conyers of Michigan, Marc Pocan of Wisconsin, Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois, José Serrano, Nydia Velazquez, Adriano Espaillat and Jerrold Nadler of New York, Earl Blumenauer and Kurt Schrader of Oregon, Lacy Clay of Missouri, and Mark Takano, Mark DeSaulnier, Jared Huffman, Ted Lieu and Judy Chu of California have all said they’ll skip the ceremony because they can’t stomach Trump.

However, House Democratic leaders say they will be in attendance at the inauguration, if mostly to support the office, not the man.

And similar to the attempt to derail Trump’s victory in the Electoral College, no Senate Democrats have joined into the inauguration boycott, at least not yet.

“That’s my responsibility,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said on NPR Friday. “It is the wonderful thing about our country, the peaceful transfer of power.”


2 Responses to Cohen joins 19 Democratic congressmen boycotting Trump inauguration

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    Jerrie Guthrey says:

    I am boycotting Donald’s inauguration because he has not proven to be a legitimate presidential winner, due to the Russian hacking scandal. I will NOT watch the inauguration or listen to any station carrying the activities, either. I think we should all boycott the event on all levels so the numbers will show our disdain for a stolen presidency. Thank you for allowing me to speak out; at least we still have free speech for now.

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      STUART I. ANDERSON says:

      I sympathize with you Jerrie. For example, I have seen to it that I have NEVER listened to an entire sentence Obama has uttered, unless it was reproduced on talk radio for illustrative purposes. Every time the man came on the TV or radio I lunged at the control to turn it off. The only difference between us is that I have never conjured up a silly excuse for my behavior. I just can’t stand what Obama stands for and I see no reason to listen to him while he destroys the country that I love. Period!

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