Choosing sides in the Walley-Templeton state Senate race

Former state Rep. Page Walley and former Agriculture Commissioner Jai Templeton are assembling their campaign teams for this year’s only open state Senate race to succeed retiring Sen. Dolores Gresham (R-Somerville).

Walley is getting his campaign consulting from Bob Davis, a former state Republican Party chairman, and the Stoneridge Group. Templeton has enlisted another former state GOP chairman, Tommy Hopper, and consultant Layne Provine.

Former state Rep. Barrett Rich is backing Templeton, while retired Rep. Steve McDaniel is supporting Walley.

Senate District 26 comprises Chester, Decatur, Fayette, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, McNairy, and Henderson counties.

Here is the release on Templeton’s team:

Jai Templeton, Republican candidate for the State Senate in District 26 and past Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture, today announced several members of his campaign leadership team.

Melissa Lindsey of Henderson County will serve as Templeton’s campaign treasurer. Lindsey owns and operates a successful employee benefits company in Lexington. Harris Armour of Fayette County, Dr. John Gallien of Hardin County, and Barrett Rich of Decatur County will serve as co-chairs of Templeton’s campaign. Armour is a family farmer who has been actively involved in the Tennessee Farm Bureau for years. Dr. Gallien is a dentist with a thriving practice in Savannah. Rich is a former three-term State Representative who served citizens of Fayette, Hardeman, and McNairy counties.

Templeton has retained native Tennesseans Layne Provine and Tommy Hopper to serve as consultants to his campaign. Provine has won over 80% of his elections in two decades as a campaign consultant. Hopper is a former Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party and National Political Director for the Republican National Committee.

Jessica Stephens will serves as Templeton’s campaign manager. Stephens has managed legislative campaigns in Tennessee since 2006, including victories for Rep. John Ragan and Rep. Kelly Keisling.

“I’m excited about the team I’ve assembled. I’m grateful for their willingness to help me reach voters and share my plans for recovering from the coronavirus, rebuilding our economy, and protecting our conservative values,” remarked Templeton.

Templeton is a sixth generation family farmer with row crops, cattle, and timber production. He is the Community Development Manager for Centennial Bank in Adamsville. He is Chairman of the McNairy County Republican Party and was a Delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention. Templeton and his wife, Allison, live in Stantonville and are the parents of three adult children. He has been a member of the First Baptist Church of Adamsville for 22 years.

And here is Walley’s grassroots announcement:

Former State Representative and Tennessee Commissioner, Page Walley, today announced his grassroots leadership team for his race for State Senate in District 26. The team consists of community leaders from all eight counties comprised in the district. Walley’s grassroots team will be charged with the mission to organize their respective counties on both a grassroots and financial level.

“I am excited about the grassroots leadership team we’ve assembled to share our message to the entire district,” Walley said. These folks are respected leaders in their community. I’m honored to have them stand with me.”

A staunch conservative, Walley served 5 terms in the Tennessee State House during the 1990’s and was a strong advocate in his opposition of a state income tax. He has served as a licensed Clinical Counselor for over 35 years.

Walley is pro-life, a member of both the NRA and Tennessee Firearms Association, Tennessee Farm Bureau, is a licensed minister and author, and received numerous awards for his leadership in the Tennessee State House. Walley and his wife Terry have been married for 35 years and has three children and three grandsons.

Walley’s Grassroots Leadership Team includes the following individuals.

  • Eric Bell – Henderson – Sheriff – retired
  • Lance Beshires – Henderson – County Trustee
  • Nancy Lofton – Henderson – Owner, Lofton Chevrolet Dealership
  • Judy Smith – Decaturville – Mental Health Office Director
  • Jo Ann Allen – Hickory Withe – Retired County Commissioner
  • Homer Bunker – Hickory Withe – Former County Commissioner, retired small business owner
  • Sally and Bill Cowan – La Grange – Farmers and Realtor
  • Sarah Belle Day – Somerville – Retired educator, Fayette Academy
  • Billy Whitworth – Hickory Withe – Agriculture sales and stables owner
  • Judy and Shelton Wilder – Braden – Farmer and Ginners
  • Patricia and Ricky Ayers – Hickory Valley – Educator, ginner, small business owner, and Mayor
  • Tony Davis – Middleton – Municipal administrator
  • Lisa Hodge – Hornsby – Business owner, Joe’s Grill
  • Timmy Hooper and Tony Hooper – Toone – Business owners, Hooper Sawmill
  • Roy Watson – Bolivar – Farmer and Construction
  • Andrea and Don Young – Bolivar – Banker and Adult Special Services Director
  • Brian Brown – Counce – Retired Coach and Educator and Insurance Agent, Hardin County High and McNairy Central High School
  • Laura Brown – Counce – Healthcare provider
  • Craig Layman – Brownsville – Co-owner, John Deere Dealership
  • Joy Mann – Brownsville – Farmer, healthcare administrator
  • Alice McClanahan – Brownsville – Retired banker at In South Bank, farmer
  • Jim Nunn – Brownsville – Cotton Broker
  • Shana Duke – Lexington – County Commissioner
  • Peggy Gilbert – Lexington – Alderman, Police Commissioner
  • Steve McDaniel – Parkers Crossroads – Former Deputy Speaker, TN State House, City Manager
  • Jeff Reeves – Lexington – Business Owner, Reeves Bros. Trucking
  • Carrie and Steve Moore – Selmer – Manufacturing engineer, United Stainless in Selmer
  • Danny and Jeannie Davila – Hickory Valley – Delta Pilot
  • Frank and Judy Bell – Henderson – State Farm Insurance Owners
  • Terry Bell – Henderson – Probation Officer
  • Ken Culver – Oakland – Pastor, Warren Community Church
  • Stark Davis – Henderson – Faculty member, Freed-Hardeman University
  • Sissy Dowdle – Somerville – Former Chamber of Commerce Director/Health Care Marketing
  • Mark Grey – Whiteville – Engineering Office Principle
  • Kerry Kimery – Grand Junction – Horse Breeder/Sales
  • John McFarland – Oakland – Gun store owner
  • Tom Minor – Rossville – Attorney
  • Debbie Norton – Gallaway/Braden – Retired NBC bank executive
  • Lola Putt – Somerville – Realtor
  • Wayne Thomas – Hickory Wythe – Farmer
  • Judy Walters – Rossville – Retired FedEx executive, Mayor
  • Susan and Bob Wilson – LaGrange – Owner, Wilson Air Center
  • Brad Grantham – Bolivar – Construction
  • Charlotte and Eddie Karcher – Somerville – Educator and Farmer

16 Responses to Choosing sides in the Walley-Templeton state Senate race

  • Avatar
    Phil Lassiter says:

    Non Davis and the Stoneridge Group. Hard to tell which are biggest Dems

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  • Avatar
    James White says:

    What a toss-up.
    Templeton has Barrett Rich and Tommy Hopper which is not good.
    Walley has Bob Davis and Sissy Dowdle which is not good.
    Walley does sound more conservative.

  • Avatar
    Not that Stuart guy says:

    Put me on team Templeton. Didn’t use the word “conservative” once in the release while the other guy had a grammatical error and used the well-worn phrase “staunch conservative” in his.

  • Avatar
    Hal Rounds says:

    I posted the following in the West Fayette Republican Club Facebook site today:
    How long has it been since I asked our 2 State Senate candidates to offer their analysis to 2 position questions (asset forfeiture and when life begins) that are critical to the policy-making role they are asking to represent us on. So far, in this space, neither has answered.
    I offer one more question that we need to know how either of them proposes to represent us: What is “constitutional carry,” and what would be the content of a bill that you would sponsor or co-sponsor on that subject. Not platitudes that “I support the 2nd Amendment, blah blah…” but what would the words in your bill be and why?
    People who don’t answer hard questions are questionable – but that is what we usually get.

    • Avatar
      James White says:

      And add:
      Would you vote for an Article V Constitutional Convention ? There are at least 2 called for by the current legislature, do you agree with these 2 resolutions ? Would you vote to rescind all calls for an Article V convention? Would you file a resolution to rescind all calls for an Article V convention?

  • Avatar
    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Page Wally served for ten years in the State House in the 1990’s. Unfortunately, the American Conservative Union’s scorecard doesn’t go back that far. Page has a highly relevant record that is the primary issue in this campaign. Anyone know details of that record? See how invaluable scorecards are when trying to evaluate candidates who have a legislative record?

    • Avatar
      Beatrice Shaw says:

      Who are the Democrats running? We need some information on them, please

      • Avatar
        Stuart I. Anderson says:

        There are no Democrats RUNNING in the Walley-Templeton State Senate race which is taking place in the REPUBLICAN Primary. Now there no doubt will be loads of Democrats VOTING in the Republican Primary but that is another story for which you can thank the Toadying Ten who refused to close the Republican Primary to anyone but registered Republicans.

      • Avatar
        Erik Schelzig says:

        Civil Miller-Watkins of Rossville is the lone Democrat running.

  • Avatar
    Phil Lassiter says:

    Who is Barrett Rich? Does he have a lot of money to make a difference? That’s all it takes. What about the other names? Are they rich and will they put 500k into a race along with the 500k a candidate has to put in?

  • Avatar
    Eddie White says:

    Having served as a campaign treasurer for both a state representative race and a governor’s race, I will tell you Phil that money makes a difference. Politics at the state senate level and statewide level is a rich man‘s game in most cases.

  • Tom Humphrey
    Tom Humphrey says:

    Knew Page Walley when he was a state rep and he was an honest, smart and amiable gentleman, striving to avoid fights whenever possible but willing to scrabble when things got testy. Do not know Templeton personally, but his reputation among those whose judgment I respect is that he is an honest, smart and amiable gentleman, striving to avoid fights whenever possible but willing to scrabble when things get testy. Both, I suspect, are pretty much dead center moderates in the Bill Haslam/Lamar Alexander mode insofar as the GOP spectrum goes. In other words, you’ve got two peas in a pod. Either would represent the rural district as well, maybe better, than the average Senate district in our fair state represents its constituency.
    Which makes the campaign a very interesting spectacle for those of us who enjoy politics as a spectator sport. It’s a game between their paid managers — Bob Davis versus Tommy Hopper, picking the two most prominent names. Both of those fellows are shrewd political operatives, absolutely willing to go negative if the polling situation warrants or to stay cool with warm fuzzy ads if not. Prediction: Flip a coin. And, of course, money is a major matter.

  • Avatar
    Anita Fowler says:

    I heard Jai Templeton is a never.Trumper. Is this true. The President has enough people trying to work against him. I want someone that will back the party.

  • Avatar
    Kay Nunnally says:

    Page Walley will not get a vote from me because of his negative campaign in the last 2 weeks of the campaign. I won’t vote for the democrat, i just won’t mark that race.

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