Chattanooga-area woman writes about why she disrupted Blackburn rally

A Chattanooga-area woman writes in The Tennessean about why she decided to disrupt a moment of silence during a Marsha Blackburn rally in Nashville in the waning days of the Senate race.

Yes, I interrupted during her moment of silence, saying that ‘Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist.’

I interrupted because as a registered nurse, mom of five, wife of one of those first responders who must see, process and live with the incidents of violence that she and extremists like her are inciting.

I can’t stay silent any longer.

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6 Responses to Chattanooga-area woman writes about why she disrupted Blackburn rally

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    Tim Skow says:

    #Shameful … the Tennessean would give her such a platform for her absurd blathering. Have NO DOUBT … her outburst at Blackburn event was not her ” 1st rodeo ” when it comes this sort of behavior.

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    Lin Clerk says:

    As a mother of five, etc, she should know a more mature manner of expressing herself. The moment of silence was not about Marsha Blackburn. She modeled rude and disrespectful behavior for all the world to see. No doubt she’s thrilled with the media coverage. I hope her children gain some more positive models for expressing their views someday.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    I find it fascinating that the snowflake “educated suburban woman” are so put out about something or other that they were motivated to vote against their best financial and security interests by voting for liberal and even far-left Democrats but their sensitivities don’t appear to be at all violated by leftist mobs and individuals who seek to disturb and even break-up conservative political gatherings or accost conservative officeholders or media personalities at home or while shopping. Thuggish behavior will continue in our society until enough centrists make it clear to their Democratic friends that they will not vote for Democrats so long as the thuggish behavior continues with their tacit approval.

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    Bob says:

    I find it extremely interesting that she was more than happy (as was the Tennessean) to exercise her Free Speech Rights, but she wasn’t willing to give the same rights to others with whom she disagreed. This is by definition Fascism. Shutting down and shouting down people you disagree with comes right out of the Nazi playbook.

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    Donna Locke says:

    If I send an op-ed, it doesn’t show up in that newspaper for 3 to 6 months, if ever, ha.

    The woman who wrote this column is so ignorant that we all should fear for our offspring’s having to live among such as that.

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