Bipartisan bill would restrict TN lottery advertising

News release from Rep. Andy Holt

NASHVILLE, Feb. 8, 2017– On Wednesday, Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt (R-Dresden) introduced legislation that targets, what he calls, predatory marketing tactics from the Tennessee Lottery.

“Last month, I raised concern over the way lottery commercials were being used in predatory ways to target Tennessee’s most economically vulnerable citizens by encouraging them to purchase lottery tickets rather than life sustaining goods such as food,” says Holt. “I have, very publicly, asked the Tennessee Lottery to ensure me (and the countless Tennesseans who are upset over these practices) that they would no longer run these types of ads. When the media asked them for comment, they had nothing to say, and they’ve said nothing to me. So, now we’re introducing bi-partisan legislation to put an end to these damaging ads.”

(Note: It’s HB633, though apparently a caption bill subject to change later.)

Holt notes research that highlights the fact that these ads target economically disadvantaged and minorities, which he says is shameful.
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