AG lawsuit contends California company is a ‘government imposter’

News release from the attorney general’s office

Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III today announced the filing of a lawsuit against a California company and its principals for violations under the Government Impostor Act.

The civil enforcement action names LA Investors LLC, based in southern California, and its principals, Roberto Romero and Laura Romero. LA Investors conducted business in Tennessee under the names “Local Records Office” and “National Profile Document.”

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TN insurance commissioner’s travel, work with industry association, questioned

Tennessee Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Julie McPeak, who is president-elect of of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, has made more than 120 trips for conferences and meetings around the nation and world since taking office in 2011, reports WTVF-TV — and some say she’s spending “way too much time away from her office.”

McPeak told NewsChannel 5 Investigates, “That (travel) absolutely is serving the taxpayers of Tennessee and our Tennessee consumers.” But, Bob Hunter of the Consumer Federation of America wasn’t so sure.

“I think what happens as a result of these trips is less consumer protection, not more,” he said.

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Lawsuit says ‘Division of Corporate Services’ duping businesses

News release from attorney general’s office

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III, along with Secretary of State Tre Hargett and Division of Consumer Affairs Director Cynthia Wiel, today announced the filing of a lawsuit in Davidson County Chancery Court against three individuals for violating the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.

According to the lawsuit, Chad Davis and Joshua Strawn of Florida and Tate Howe of California have been doing business in Tennessee as Division of Corporate Services and Annual Business Services over the past few years.

Multiple businesses, registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State, have reported receiving a solicitation from the two private companies. The companies offer to create annual corporate meeting minutes for a fee of up to $150.  The solicitations, titled “Annual Minutes Form” and “Annual Records Statement,” look official and could easily be confused as being from the Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office, particularly because the solicitations appear to be an invoice for payment and use a return address in the capital city of Nashville, Tennessee.

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