Can ‘Surrender Caucus’ halt special session in its tracks?

This week’s special session on public safety could all be over before it even really begins. At least if a cabal conservative lawmakers have their way. The Capitol complex has been churning with talk of an adjournment motion being made shortly after the governor’s special session gets underway. If successful, everything would be packed in.

The effort by the Adjourn Caucus — whom detractors have labeled the “Surrender Caucus” — is not expected to garner enough support to succeed. But a significant number of votes in favor could set the tone for what’s possible during the special session.

Gov. Bill Lee has already had to dial back his ambitions for the session to result in significant changes in response to the mass shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School last spring. Instead, the session has morphed into generally addressing public safety, including several proposals to impose tougher sentences on juveniles.

Meanwhile, stricter security measures are being imposed around the Capitol complex.

Both chambers are scheduled to gavel in at 4 p.m. Central.


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