Call to exhume President Polk falls short in House

A resolution calling for the bodies of President James K. Polk and his wife, Sarah, to be exhumed from the grounds of the state Capitol and move them to Columbia has fallen one vote short in the House.

It takes 50 votes for measures to pass the chamber. The resolution now goes back to the Calendar Committee where sponsors cant try take another run at it if they can persuade some of the absent or abstaining members to change their minds.

Earlier in the day Gov. Bill Haslam said he’d prefer for the Polk tomb to remain on the grounds of the state Capitol.

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    Donna Locke says:

    Sooooo much inaccurate, deliberately unresearched “reporting” on this effort to move the Polks’ remains to Polk’s only remaining home. Those “reporters” never correct their inaccuracies but keep calling the facts lies. Gah.

    When this effort began, and until recently, I didn’t have an opinion on the move, didn’t care either way, but lately I’ve come to think it’s something Polk would be fine with. When his will expressed his wish to be buried at his now-destroyed home in Nashville, the desire surely was based on the fact his wife was living there. Who wouldn’t want to be buried in their own yard near their family? None of those previous circumstances apply now. Their Nashville house is gone, the wife is dead and with him. The only house and yard of his left is the one in Columbia, the house he lived in as a young man — in the same town where he lived as a child and where his and Sarah’s stories are preserved.

    I’ve known so many people here in Columbia who volunteered over many years to help preserve the Polk Home. We have people paid to do it, too, but the volunteers have done this as a service to the community and future generations while most of those now blathering in Nashville didn’t even know where the Polk tomb was and certainly never lifted a finger in service to Columbia’s James K. Polk Memorial Association, which some of Sarah Polk’s relatives supported as a way to preserve the Polks’ material possessions and legacy.

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    Cannoneer2 says:

    If this is the sort of thing that legislators occupy their time with while waiting for a budget, maybe the taxpayers should push for a later date to begin the General Assembly’s yearly deliberations. IMO they are wasting time and money here.

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    Ed Lancaster says:

    This is how democracy works. Debate and vote.
    However it is likely that this issue will not likely go away. I expect the candidates for Governor and numerous other politicians who join over 100,000 others at Mule Day in a couple of weeks will be asked to support the move. And many will go by the Polk Home while at the parade. All are welcome.

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