Bush is back! Senate candidate restored to GOP ballot

Byron Bush, the U.S. Senate candidate who caused widespread consternation with his Super Bowl ads railing against state judges, has been restored to the Republican primary ballot.

Bush, who also ran for the U.S. Senate nomination in 1994, had failed to survive a challenge of his bona fides last week because he had only voted in two out of the last four Republican primaries (party standards require participation in three of four GOP primaries). But his appeal was granted this week after being vouched for by Nashville Republican Party Chair Jim Garrett and state GOP executive committee members Mike Callahan, Joanne Davis, Anita Taylor Hodges, and Ken Meyer.

Here’s Bush’s statement:

Nashville, TN—Today, Dr. Byron Bush announced that he has successfully beat back attempts to block him from the August primary ballot, saying:

“I’m pleased to report that our campaign has defeated an attempt by one of my opponents trying to use obscure rules to limit Tennessee Republican voters’ choice of candidates on the ballot.

I remain committed to bringing the strong conservative leadership we need in representing our values and leading by an example of personal integrity in the U.S. Senate at this pivotal time for the country. We can face these challenges with faith, not fear! 

I find it disturbing that a leading contender for Tennessee’s next Senator would undertake shady tactics like this, rather than stand on the strength of their own character and record. 

For my part, I pledge a different approach. The Republican Party has always stood for the importance of individual liberty and the right to make up your own mind. We are strongest and most united as a party when we honor that tradition, and so I will continue to work to bring together Republicans of all different backgrounds. Now is a time to work with one another to get our citizens back to work and get the government bureaucracy out of the way of individuals and businesses trying to weather the troubled economy. 

I deeply appreciate the Tennessee Republican Party members who vouched for my Republican bona fides, took a stand for what is right, and helped ensure that we will have many qualified candidates on the ballot competing for this important position.”  

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    Teddy says:

    I feel so much better now. What difference will it make?

    • Teddy
      I’m glad you feel better, even if it is sarcastically.
      Perhaps it makes a DIFFERENCE because the process was allowed to function the way it is intended… that Tennessee VOTERS WILL DECIDE… that underhanded attempts by opponents who were threatened DID NOT SUCCEED… or maybe… just maybe… CORRUPTION MIGHT BE EXPOSED.
      “IT MATTERS…”

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      Perry Aubric says:

      It won/t make any difference, really. Bush will be as successful as he has been in the past–that being a loser by a huge landslide yet again. Since his most active campaign efforts are all caps blog post on an obscure site like this one, you know all you need to know about this chances. Trump has endorsed Hagerty, most of the Republican establishment is for Hagerty, Hagerty has the most money, Hagerty has the most experience, and Hagerty is going to win.

      But Byron Bush can be happy that “the process” will be followed up the and including the time of his humiliating defeat.

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    James White says:

    I see that Hagerty just loaned himself 2.5 million. guess he is gonna buy that senate seat.

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      Benny Jones says:

      US Senate Seats are not for sale in Tennessee

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      LeeAnn C. says:

      Dr. Sethi started off his campaign by loaning himself $1.6 million. He’s spent all but $300,000 of what donors have given him. So who is trying to ‘buy’ the seat? If you can’t have events, it doesn’t surprise me that either of these likely leaders in the race will spend more in advertising. How else do they get themselves known?

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    Lydia Ann Hubbell says:

    “Widespread consternation”? I support Byron Bush and I appreciate someone calling attention to the corruption in our government, including in the judicial system. Nobody seems to want to talk about it. Many children and families are adversely affected by unlawful court orders signed by careless or abusive judges. It is one of my main concerns. I am not sure why anyone thinks Sethi or Hagerty are better, but I know who I’ll be casting my vote for in August.

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    Tina says:

    I’m so glad I just saw something on the news my family is dealing with corrupt judicial system right now. I wish I could get in touch with Byron Bush this is the first I’ve even heard of him I’ll vote for him and maybe he can help me with what we’re going through

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    Bill says:

    If the rules are for participation in primaries and that was not met why should you be able to bypass that rule with recommendations of top party leaders only?
    I really don’t know much about you or the other candidates but trying to do my homework to make an informed decision. I am a conservative Republican and strive to do the right thing. I know mistakes are made but bypassing or ignoring established rules is not what I see as a positive attribute. Changing the rules the correct way is more acceptable.
    Still open minded tho.

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    Vj says:

    I’m with you Bill. And I’m surprised no one else noted this.

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    Kent Therber says:

    How is my friend, Bobby?

    Kent Therber
    Trevecca 1957

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    stan bird says:

    Just texted friends that I and my friend are voting for you. Like your approach.
    It seems that of the two frontrunners, at least one is lying.
    Here’s wishing you get the chance to help Tennessee.

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