Burchett rides motorbike, pledges to help Trump in first TV ad

Press release from Tim Burchett campaign

Knoxville, Tenn. – Republican candidate for Congress Tim Burchett released his first television ad in the TN-02 congressional race today. The ad will run district-wide on both cable and broadcast TV. Titled “East Tennessee Conservative,” the ad highlights Mayor Burchett’s conservative record, his commitment to East Tennessee, and his support for President Trump.


I’m Tim Burchett, and this – this is my home

I’m running for Congress to help President Trump shake up Washington

I’ve taken on some tough fights

As mayor, I killed a huge property tax increase, and I paid down the county’s debt

I fought for term limits and stopped partial birth abortion

I’m proud to be pro-Trump, pro-life, pro-America

And I’m proud to be from East Tennessee

I’m Tim Burchett and I approve this message

Because Washington D.C. needs and East Tennessee conservative


Mayor Tim Burchett defeated a large proposed property tax increase in his first year as mayor. (The Knoxville Focus, 06/10/12)

Mayor Tim Burchett prioritized fiscal responsibility and paid down $45 million in Knox County’s debt. (The Tennessee Star, 05/08/18)

In the state legislature, Tim Burchett co-sponsored term limits legislation. (HB 0717, 1995-1996)

In the state legislature, Tim Burchett co-sponsored a ban on partial-birth abortion that was signed into law. (SB 1274/HB 0766, 1997-1998)

4 Responses to Burchett rides motorbike, pledges to help Trump in first TV ad

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    Silence Dogood says:

    Great statement, TIM. We need you in Washington. Watch out for the Haslam dirty money. Vote Tim and MAGA!!??????????

  • Avatar
    Bob Miles says:

    Great ad and professionally done. The voters are interested in the issues and accomplishments. Tim will come out on top of that.

  • Avatar
    Bob Fischer says:

    I’m disappointed in Tim. I always gave him more credit that to need to ride the coattails of a slime-bag like Trump. It may come back to bite him.

  • Avatar
    Bill Jones says:

    From Head Safety Patrolman in elementary school breaking up fights to US Congress. Not surprising as he’s alway fought for what’s right.

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