Bredesen video highlights Blackburn praise for TennCare cuts

Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen’s campaign has released a new video that features Republican rival Marsha Blackburn praising the former governor for his handling of the state’s TennCare crisis.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press’ Andy Sher reports that digital spot follows an video posted on the Blackburn website that shows a GOP campaign tracker asking Bredesen at a stop in Tullahoma about the impact of the cuts on people who were disenrolled. “Do you have nothing to say about the people who died, Mr. Bredesen?” the tracker shouts.

The Bredesen ad shows Blackburn appearances on cable news and written statements and comments in congressional hearings.

“It was a Democrat governor who ended up taking much of this down and reshaping the program,” Blackburn says in a 2016 appearance on CNN. In another clip from a 2011 committee hearings, Blackburn says TennCare had “reached the point of consuming 35.3 percent of the state budget. Even our former governor, a Democrat, Phil Bredesen did a lot to reign in the exploding cost.”

“In typical Washington fashion, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is talking out of both sides of her mouth,” said Bredesen spokewoman Alyssa Hansen.

“On the one hand, Congresswoman Blackburn spent the better part of the past decade touting Governor Bredesen’s health care expertise in fixing TennCare,” Hansen said. “But now that his record is inconvenient for her campaign, she’s gone into the old Washington playbook of trying to turn it into a negative attack.”

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