Bredesen takes aim at Trump trade policies, but ‘fine’ with North Korea outreach

Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen is taking aim at Trump administration trade policies in a new ad, while also declaring that he’s “fine” with the president’s outreach to North Korea. The former governor says that’s in keeping with his pledge to agree with the president when his initiatives benefit Tennesseans, while opposing them when they don’t.

“These new tariffs will hurt us,” Bredesen says while standing in front of a rack of whiskey barrels. “They hurt our auto industry, our farmers, even Tennessee exports like Jack Daniel’s.”

Here’s the spot:

The Bredesen campaign also released a 60-second video featuring the former governor speaking with the owners of Nashville-based Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery about how a trade war could hurt small businesses. The distillery was also the site of a visit in October 2016 by then-U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman as the Obama administration was making a final push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP was later abandoned by Trump.

Here’s the video:

The full release from the Bredesen campaign follows.

Tennessee Becoming Collateral Damage in Escalating Trade War

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Following an earlier TV spot pledging to work with President Trump on policies that benefit Tennesseans, while standing up against policies that hurt the state, U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen today released a new ad commending the President for his outreach to North Korea, while opposing the administration’s tariffs because they hurt Tennessee.

The 30-second TV spot —up statewide this week— features Governor Bredesen reminding voters of his earlier commitment to do what is right for Tennessee, explaining the negative effects that retaliatory tariffs will have on the state’s automotive industry, agriculture sector, and iconic exports like Tennessee whiskey.

In addition to the new TV spot, the campaign rolled out a 60-second digital video featuring a conversation between Governor Bredesen and the proprietors of Nashville-based Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery about how a trade war would hurt small and still-growing businesses right here in Tennessee.

2 Responses to Bredesen takes aim at Trump trade policies, but ‘fine’ with North Korea outreach

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    James White says:

    Tariffs are constitutional. BUT Congress is supposed to regulate trade with foreign nations. These so called ‘free’ trade deals are Horrible and contain only about 10% about trade and the rest are about unelected bureaucrats ruling about everything from environment and labor, to police and military…
    BUT we know who is for all the ‘free’ trade agreements and who also votes for the President (Bush, Obama, and Trump) to have complete Trade agreement control. Yes it is Marsha Blackburn and she is not only promoting the sovereignty destroying trade agreements, she is a Member of Transatlantic Policy Network. Does she represent the Constitution and We the People, or does she represent the European Union ?

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    Eddie White says:

    It is very obvious that Pres Trump stands up for American sovereignty more than any president in recent memory. Marsha Blackburn will support the president, Phil Bredesen will not.

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