Bredesen talks often with Corker and ‘we’ve been friends a long time’

Democrat Phil Bredesen says he has often talked with Republican Bob Corker about the U.S. Senate and regards the departing incumbent as a friend, reports The Tennessean.

“Yes, he and I had numerous conversations from the time that he said he was not going to run (in September) up until the present,” Bredesen told a group of reporters after picking up his nomination papers in Nashville. “I really was pretty confident all the time that in the end he would stick with what he originally decided to do, and I respect him.”

Bredesen said he would not have run against Corker as an incumbent.

“I have very high regard for Sen. Corker and, obviously, we’ve been friends a long time,” he said. “I did not look forward to the prospects of there being a race between the two of us. I still think there was a path to victory, but that would not be pleasant experience for me.” 

Bredesen, governor from 2003-2011, said while Corker was “very helpful” to him in the conversations the two men had, Corker stopped short of encouraging him to run. 

“No, I think both of us are sensitive to the fact that we’re from different parties, and we’ve got different constituencies and so on,” Bredesen said. “But when I was going through the process of deciding about this, one of the things that I was most concerned about was just what’s it like being a senator. He’s one of the people I talked to, along with a number of other senators, at some length about, ‘OK, what’s it like, what can you do and what can’t you do?’ He knows me well enough to know how frustrated am I going to be in this environment.”

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Phil, why don’t you save yourself the frustration, do yourself and the country a favor by dropping out. Wait until you meet the lunatics serving in the Democratic caucus in the Senate, e.g. Kamala Harris, “Pocahontas” Warren you won’t be happy.

    Voters of Tennessee, Gov. Bredesen deserves a well earned retirement, VOTE MARSHA BLACKBURN.

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    James White says:

    I Wish Marsha Blackburn (TN Congressman running for Senate) would uphold her oath to support the constitution.
    She voted:
    For Patriot Act Reauthorization.
    For Patriot Act Reauthorization.2
    Against Defunding the NAIS.
    For Electronic Surveillance.
    For COPS Funding.
    For Funding the REAL ID Act (National ID).
    For Foreign Intelligence Surveillance.
    For Thought Crimes.
    For Warrantless Searches.
    For Employee Verification Program.
    Against Prohibiting Full Body Imaging Screening.
    For Patriot Act Extention.
    For Patriot Act another Extension.
    For Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).
    Against Ending American Indefinite Detention.
    For FISA.
    For Cyber Crime Fighting
    For Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act
    For Cyberspace Intelligence Sharing.
    For National Computer Forensics Institute Authorization

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    Barry Murphy says:

    I always thought Governor Bredesen was a closet Republican. If elected, I hope he is smart enough not to listen to Chuck Schumer and do what is right for Tennessee!

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